ProShip customers can now experience Hailify’s next-day delivery services, decreasing shipping costs and shortening transit time.

ProShip is delighted to announce a new carrier partnership with Hailify, a nationwide last-mile parcel carrier. This partnership and integration will provide current and prospective ProShip customers with a reliable, sustainable, and cost-efficient last-mile shipping service.

Hailify is heavily focused on cost savings for retailers and brands, offering a competitive surcharge free $4-$6 next day, last-mile shipping to customers across the country. They have gained the trust of many top-tier brands and retailers and serve a diverse range of industries including e-commerce, retail, apparel, pharmaceuticals, and many more. With Hailify highly valuing trust and transparency with their customers, they provide two photos for proof of delivery and breadcrumb tracking throughout the duration of the shipping journey.

“At-scale logistics is hard enough without 3–4-page pricing documents and spooky fees at the end of the month. That said, we pride ourselves on a simple-to-understand, flat-rate delivery offering that is able to serve mid-market merchants and large cross-border companies alike. Couple that with a data-driven dashboard and 24-hour customer service turnaround, you’ll wonder why you didn’t give us a try sooner!”

James Dorman, Chief Operating Officer at Hailify

The integration of these two companies comes at an optimal time as today, more than ever, customers appreciate the availability of quick and cost-effective shipping. In times of uncertainty and possible adversity, having reliable shipping options is crucial in order to provide customers with the shipping options and availability they need. Just as important to consumers, if not more, is the ability to track packages and be notified once a package has been delivered. Hailify ensures both needs are met with two photo PODs, package geo-tags, time stamps, live status updates, text notifications, and more.

“ProShip is dedicated to prioritizing our customers by offering innovative and adaptable carriers that effectively respond to the ever-changing landscape of modern logistics. By leveraging the ProShip platform to diversify and rationalize their carrier mix, shippers unlock the potential to meet the evolving shipping requirements of their customers, resulting in an enhanced overall customer experience. The inclusion of Hailify in our carrier library further strengthens ProShip’s unwavering commitment to our customers, reducing shipping costs, facilitating swift and seamless deliveries, and guaranteeing an exceptional customer experience.”

Jerri Dixon, Alliance Manager at ProShip

ProShip values each carrier partner added to our library as they support a true multi-carrier shipping software do its job effectively and efficiently, while also providing customers with a trustworthy and satisfying experience.

To get the Hailify carrier module added to their ProShip environment, ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist.

About Hailify

Operating since 2018, Hailify has delivered millions of packages and counting from the five shipping hub locations they have nationwide. They have access to tens of thousands of drivers through their existing integrations, helping make the delivery process quick and easy, while consistently achieving a 98.2% first-attempt delivery completion rate. Hailify charges an easy-to-understand flat rate for all packages under 15lbs, leaving their customers with no hidden fees, fuel surcharges, or other surprise costs.

Delivering 7 days a week, 365 days a year (except for federal holidays), Hailify is built for b2b and b2c customers. Their next-day shipping service areas include New York, Northern and Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Illinois, and Texas.