ProShip adds the United States TForce Logistics solution to our carrier portfolio.

With signs of capacity constraints continuing into peak season 2022, ProShip continues to support customers with expanded carrier options. New to the ProShip carrier portfolio is TForce Logistics, a final mile same-day and next-day delivery carrier in North America.

Who is TForce Logistics?

Covering both Canada and the United States, TForce Logistics is an asset-light final mile logistics and transportation provider with extensive coverage. They focus on providing customized shipping solutions at a competitive price. With over 75 North American locations, TForce Logistics can offer a national network that supports customers, delivering flexible capacity. Coverage includes nearly 90% of the population and offers options including same-day or next-day with routes morning and evening at warehouses, stores, or consolidated at their docks. Serving e-commerce, B2B and the financial industries, TForce Logistics can provide a truly integrated shipping experience, reducing both cost and transit time across the country.

TForce Logistics recognizes the importance of transparency and offers order visibility as shipments are in transit including minute status updates, push notifications, and location tracking within their app. Their proven and reliable service boasts over 20 years of experience and over 6,000 professional service providers.

Why You Need Elite Carrier Partners in Your Library

With so much disruption and so many challenges coloring our view of the past 2 peak seasons, brands should be prepared for anything with a flexible and reliable shipping platform with elite carrier partners. These partners can offer an accurate and transparent look into their daily operations to manage changes in demand during any season. With a broad network and innovative personalized solutions, adding carriers can help you meet the growing expectations of customers with fast and efficient deliveries across the country.

When you marry that with in-depth and comprehensive shipping data, actionable change can happen to narrow delivery windows and build efficient routes. Shippers can gain insight into all parts of their supply chain to optimize and improve as necessary. [Why do you need visibility? Learn more about carrier volatility in the supply chain industry]

ProShip’s robust multi-carrier shipping software platform facilitates the quick onboarding of new carriers, so you don’t miss sales because of a lack of carrier network coverage. With a consistent and flexible solution for mid-to enterprise-size businesses, ProShip offers innovative and advanced functionalities to deliver a positive customer experience, such as Automated Rate Shopping, managing complex business rules, and expanding omnichannel fulfillment strategies. Seamlessly integrating with your existing technology stack, our shipping platform produces millisecond transaction times managed by a team who understands the industry with an extensive logistics and IT background.

To get started with TForce Logistics, ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist to get the carrier module added to their ProShip environment.