ProShip can support the latest Purolator offerings and enhancements for the New Year

ProShip is the first to complete the Purolator certification to stay compliant with its latest specification (9.3.0). This means that ProShip can support the latest service offerings for the year including Express Noon Products and enhancements to Dangerous Goods (DG) & Special Handling Services (SHS) (effective January 2018).

The new specification ensures that customers only pay for the special handling level required for their shipments, based on their unique contents and packaging, via a categorized surcharge structure defined by shipment type instead of a flat fee.

“Being the first to stay up to date on the latest carrier specifications, such as Purolator’s, highlights ProShip’s compliancy efforts and aids in providing additional services to our customers as soon as they become available,” said Alan Hopper, Head of Development at ProShip. “It’s also important to note that any new or updated carrier service offerings are made available to ProShip customers easily and without interruption of their day-to-day shipping.”

According to Purolator, “Shipping solutions developed by our commercial providers are based on Purolator’s specifications, and are designed to provide you with a suite of transportation and distribution services to help meet the needs of your business,” and ProShip is proud to successfully stay compliant and continuously offer their new functionality as it becomes available.

Did you know that compliance is a major carrier-related shipping concern?

Shipping compliance – or non-compliance – can make or break your supply chain. When shipping compliance is achieved, ongoing rules and requirements for rating, labeling and manifest reporting are not an issue. Non-compliance is a major exposure adding time, cost and risk.

Carrier compliance is a big deal for enterprise shippers and a major advantage of the ProShip platform. Our engineering teams are carrier integration specialists that work day in and day out to ensure that our product is up to date with the latest carrier specifications and certifications. This ensures the most reliable product for our customers and allows them to make immediate use of new features and services provided by the carriers.