Listen in as ProShip is joined by Purolator International to discuss why expanding your market into Canada should be top of mind.

With experts saying the shopping preference for online over brick-and-mortar will continue, businesses should facilitate access to all channels of their supply chain and take advantage of growing markets. One such channel to consider is Canada, the tenth-largest economy in the world. Since the consumer audience is (in many ways) similar to the United States, Canada is an attractive market for US- based companies. With the Canadian market as an additional source of revenue for your business, you’ll increase resilience during a possible crisis (such as the pandemic).

This ProShip ParcelCast episode features ProShip’s Justin Cramer and Jeff Lukaszewski as they dive into the Canadian market and why it’s the most likely natural extension of your base business. Our ProShip shipping experts are joined by guest executives, Becky Roesle and Rosemary Hill of Purolator International (see guest bios below). Together, these logistics professionals provide an in-depth look at both the B2B and B2C sector of the Canadian market. They also share advantages to working with Purolator International in assisting with consolidated clearance into Canada. Listen in to learn about what the “COVID effect” has had on consumer behavior in Canada (think: acceleration)!

See you there! Both ProShip and Purolator will exhibit in-person at Ecommerce Operations Summit 2021 in August in Nashville. Register Now! Don’t forget to tune into our next podcast in June with Open Sky digging into the advantages of a Blue Yonder supply chain solution.

Rosemary Hill, Corporate Manager for Courier Express Product – a role in which she manages all aspects of Courier product development – joined Purolator in 2004 as Strategic Account Executive within the Courier department. In 2012, she became Corporate Sales Manager for the Eastern U.S. region, before assuming her current role in 2018. In her 15 years at Purolator, Rosemary has helped Purolator identify and attract key customers and services to strengthen the network and options available to clients. She has most recently spearheaded our Courier Air Direct services which blend all Purolator International offerings into a seamless express service that ships customer product in 1-2 days. Rosemary has worked in logistics her entire career and cut her teeth at international giants DHL and UPS before joining Purolator International.

Becky Roesle, Corporate Executive Consumer B2C, has been at Purolator since 2012 and working in logistics since 2001. Becky and her team provide consumer solutions to Canada through partnership with Purolator Inc. and Canada Post. She launched our PuroPost product in 2013 and continues to innovate and expand our B2C offerings, working directly with Purolator International’s largest customers.  She develops customized solutions to service and grow our customers’ base in Canada. Becky always frames her perspective around the customer: what does the customer want? What is it that they need? How can we provide them the best services possible? This outlook and her constant drive towards client satisfaction is why Becky is such an important part of the Purolator experience.