Listen in as ProShip is joined by Labelmaster Software to cover the basics of dangerous goods from identification through the shipment process.

As the trend continues towards consumers going online to shop, shippers need to be aware of the ramifications for any dangerous goods shipments they may now be processing or are processing unsafely or incorrectly. The foundation for understanding the implications that DG shipping may bring starts with understanding dangerous goods themselves, and what regulatory requirements may apply.

About this ParcelCast episode

In this ProShip ParcelCast episode, ProShip’s Justin Cramer and Clint Boaz examine DG shipping with an expert in the field, Kristen Dapore of Labelmaster Software. They provide the most up-to-date knowledge on dangerous goods including what they are and how to classify dangerous goods, how to store the related data, how to safely execute a shipment and why automating that process is so important and advantageous to your business. Be sure to listen in to understand how DG mistakes could affect your bottom line (hint: six-figure fines)!

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