Discover what reasons are pushing people to start searching for a new shipping software solution

Breaking up is hard to do but sometimes necessary. In this month’s ParcelCast episode, ProShip experts dive into a discussion of what industry factors, vendor characteristics, and more can push a retailer, manufacturer, third-party logistics (3PL) provider, or other enterprise shipper to look for a new parcel shipping solution.

About this ParcelCast Podcast Episode

For her debut, Taylor Pawelka, Director of Marketing at ProShip, hosts this episode. She is joined by Justin Cramer, Co-Founder at ProShip, and Dave Salter, Business Development Representative. These three shipping professionals zero in on the fears or dislikes that brands are sharing about their current parcel shipping software applications.

Listeners will hear about shipping solutions who may have lost their parcel focus or have products that are no longer supported or are being sunsetted. These are real issues that shippers are dealing with that can have a huge impact on important success metrics like support and product improvement. Justin and Dave discuss development models and how these tie to crucial bottom-line factors like compliance, automation, and shipping costs. They also talk about the importance of flexibility and extensibility and how to determine your needs in these areas. Finally, all three share some transparency about the level of difficulty in technical support and why vendors are facing such scrutiny (and seeing such diverse levels of success) in the supply chain technology industry.

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