Hear from the experts at ProShip and enVista for what transportation data to focus on after the busy holiday season

The importance of good data in the modern supply chain has never been more glaringly obvious than it is now. Surviving the unprecedented pandemic-related supply chain crisis has only emphasized that fact for many businesses who are now trying to manage inventory for ever-changing customer behaviors and market fluctuations. Because of this, many companies worldwide are now drawing their focus to supply chain visibility. Here’s a couple facts that most business intelligence experts want you to know. Only 22% of companies have a proactive supply chain network, and the following stats on the extent of supply chain visibility that they recognize in their organizations? Not what you would consider a success.

  • 62% have limited visibility of their supply chain
  • 17% have extended supply chain visibility
  • 15% only have visibility on production
  • 6% have full visibility

Discover the top 6 parcel shipping KPIs

While the 2021 peak season has come and gone, the next logical step is to take note of what worked this peak and what didn’t. [This is one of our tips that EVERYONE should know!] The best way to glean that information is from the numbers themselves. To help you focus on what’s important, we’ve consulted with the experts at enVista to pull out the top 6 parcel shipping key performance indicators (KPIs) to track during peak and take action on post-peak that will help improve your 2022 strategy.

With these insights in mind, the case can clearly be made for incorporating a logistics business intelligence solution. enVista’s transportation business intelligence product, MyShipINFO, provides comprehensive visibility into the real-time analytical data necessary for optimization to reduce shipping costs, reduce transit time and eliminate internal processes that are non-value-added.

If you’re not tracking these KPIs, we can help

The next logical step is to find a partner that integrates with an elite multi-carrier shipping software solution AND can provide an end-to-end business intelligence solution that includes these top KPI’s (remember, you don’t just need data, you need ACTIONABLE data). The industry-leading multi-carrier shipping software from ProShip is the pivotal piece of the supply chain puzzle for overcoming the supply chain disruptions that have been plaguing shippers. A flexible distribution model that can adapt to changes in the supply chain as they happen is supported by the technology that can anticipate these changes. To start transforming your supply chain with transportation analytics data that can feed your decision-making process, contact our ProShip solution experts and join the brands that are winning with enVista MyShipINFO and ProShip.