ProShip automated shipping software assures 34 of the top 500 e-commerce companies exceed their toughest shipping goals.

Serving customers consistently across their shopping journey is shattering traditional retail silos and forcing companies to focus their efforts online.With an immense amount of effort shifted towards e-commerce strategy, companies need to consistently be seeking ways to gain a competitive advantage to win over the hearts of consumers. This isn’t always the easiest feat.

What Makes a Top E-Commerce Company?

Top e-commerce companies have winning strategies. When it all boils down, a winning e-commerce strategy includes focus on the right product, a fair price, accurate shipping options and a precise tracking technique. While product and pricing is primarily handled internally, accurate shipping options and tracking include outside players like carriers and are often left by the wayside. Don’t let this happen to you.

Recently, Internet Retailer Magazine, the largest and most credible provider of objective e-commerce business information, came out with its Top 500 U.S. E-Commerce List which ranks e-tailers in terms of web sales, growth and number of online orders.

Currently, ProShip supports five of these companies in the top 50 and 34 overall, empowering an average of more than 745,000 online orders a day. ProShip’s top e-commerce customers provide merchandise including office supplies, apparel/accessories, housewares/home furnishings, pet supplies, health and beauty, books/music, toys/hobbies, food/drug, flowers/gifts and sporting goods.

How ProShip Powers 34 Top E-Commerce Companies

Managing e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment is a tall order. Shipments are expected faster, and returns need to come back easier. What’s more, everything needs to integrate seamlessly from order management through delivery.

ProShip connects to some of the largest retailers’ shopping carts to present the best shipping options, cost and carrier to your customer right at checkout. At fulfillment, a carrier-certified label is generated automatically, not to mention manifests and required documents, making sure that every order gets on the truck faster.

ProShip software also decreases shipping and DIM weight costs by 30% with multi-carrier rate shopping, reduces customer calls by 40% with track & trace visibility, delivers more orders faster by shipping from any inventory source and streamlines returns and the reverse logistics process. A great shipping strategy can make a significant and immediate impact on an e-commerce company, but more importantly, it lays the foundation for long term success.

Today, the perfect customer experience is about delighting customers with consistent best-in-class service at each and every opportunity. When it comes to e-commerce, the bar has been raised. ProShip will help you over it.