Now’s the time to get your game plan together for successful shipping in 2021 and beyond.

Experts are predicting a historic peak season, as the pandemic has already had major effects on e-commerce. In a recent Wall Street Journal article it’s noted that parcel capacity will be a huge concern, and that might already be the case with national carriers telling some of their largest shippers that their capacity is already spoken for. In fact, there is an estimate that the total shipping capacity for the industry will be 79.1 million parcels/day stretching from Thanksgiving to Christmas, with 86.3 million packages looking for space. Compared to last year’s peak shipping season, the total capacity was 65.3 million packages with 67.9 million looking for space.

Are high e-commerce volumes causing you to fumble? Is the encroaching peak season, along with carrier surcharges and volume caps, making you second-guess your shipping strategy? For insider tips, take a short timeout and check out our peak season shipping success infographic, featuring…

  • Peak season e-commerce game statistics
  • Delays of game
  • Routes to success
  • Using your special teams
  • Your MVP: Stores
  • Pick 6 omnichannel fulfillment benefits and more

Give your team the competitive edge, and get the “W” with customers (while reducing your shipping costs) with the right multi-carrier shipping software. While this year’s peak season is almost here, make sure you take note of any specific pain points you encounter and review your costs in order to make a more-informed decision on your shipping strategy for 2021. Please reach out to us if you have any questions!