Join Neopost, Vertex and DHL Express to learn how to use CX as a competitive advantage

[Webinar]: November 7, 2018 at 11AM PST
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Customers who enjoy their shopping experience buy 140% more than those that don’t, and are 74% more likely to make repeat purchases. With eCommerce growing at 9.7%, retailers who succeed in orchestrating great CX journeys will reap the benefits. Join Neopost Shipping, Vertex and DHL Express for a 45-minute webinar to learn how you can use CX as a competitive advantage in this increasingly crowded eCommerce market.

In this webinar we will explore:

  • What the next generation of consumers, Gen Z, wants
  • How retailers can respond to these demands for better CX with agility
  • Which types of technologies can provide quick wins with long-term gains

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About the Speakers

Justin Cramer
Global Project Management Director at ProShip, a Neopost Shipping company
With over two decades of experience in enterprise software, Justin plays a key role in driving supply chain optimization through his involvement in over 300 customer shipping solutions across 4 continents. Justin is a strong advocate of leveraging supply chain technology as a competitive advantage to achieve better CX.

Leendert van Delft
Vice President Sales Programs Global & Europe, DHL Express
Leendert works for the Most International Company of the World and the greatest Express company in the world. Fortunately those are the same company. He executes the overall direction of DHL Express’ Global Sales Programs and Priorities, with a specific focus on leveraging the cross-border e-commerce opportunity.

Mark Sieczkowski
Senior Product Manager, Vertex
Mark has over 20 years of IT product and project management experience. He joined Vertex in 2013 as a Senior Product Manager. Prior to joining Vertex, Mark served as Vice President of solution delivery for Devon IT, a Thin Client computing company, responsible for supply chain management and ensuring solution delivery of both hardware and software projects.

With host, Sheeda Cheng, Head of Brand at Neopost Shipping

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