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[New Shipping Resource] International Shipping by the Numbers Infographic

Take an in-depth look at international shipping facts and statistics for 2023 and beyond.

The world has changed a lot in the past few years. With the pandemic jumpstarting e-commerce, consumers are shopping online (and around the world) like never before. In fact, more than half (57%) of customers look abroad when they can’t find a business that meets their needs on a local or national level. The opportunity is there to transform your business into a global organization-if you have the technology and the strategy to embrace a cross-border shipping program.

About ProShip's International Shipping Infographic

Now is the time for enterprise retailers, manufacturers, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers to expand their parcel shipping strategy across borders. To help you take advantage of this opportunity, ProShip is offering a free international shipping resource to help your team understand the facts about what the current environment looks like to draw insights about what is needed to prepare a global strategy for now and in the future. Click the International Shipping By The Numbers tile to view the infographic.

International Shipping By The Numbers

What you'll learn in this infographic

The infographic will help you...

  • Understand why consumers shop from international retailers
  • See the big picture of the overall global parcel environment (including a closer look at one of the best cross-border opportunities, Canada!)
  • Discover international shipping pain points you may encounter
  • Prepare your tech stack with a checklist of international shipping software requirements

This even includes a list of international carriers that ProShip supports!

Additional ProShip international shipping resources

Taking it one step further, the ProShip team has an International Shipping eBook set for release next week that will help your company streamline your international shipping processes and understand why top shippers trust ProShip multi-carrier shipping software with their parcel program, whether international or domestic.

View our international shipping resources page to instantly access all of ProShip's topic-related assets.

Transform your international shipping strategy with ProShip

With all this information in hand, shippers can transform their global supply chain strategy with multi-carrier shipping software, optimizing shipping costs while ensuring packages are compliant, delivered on time and to the right destination.

Schedule a demo or discovery call with our shipping experts to learn how ProShip can enhance your shipping strategy within the US and abroad.