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Back to the Future: Controlling Shipping Costs, Capacity Constraints & 2022 Supply Chain

[On-Demand] Back to the Future: Controlling Shipping Costs, Capacity Constraints & the 2022 Supply Chain With a forecast to exceed capacity by 5M packages daily, did the 2021 peak season deliver on expectations? Many shippers were left scratching their heads, wondering if supply chain disruptions provoked a change. If things changed in 2021, what will 2022 bring? In this in-depth discussion with supply chain industry vets, attendees will hear an expert’s perspective on these questions… • What happened during peak season 2021? • Why did some businesses thrive while others barely survived? • How can we adapt our budget to the current landscape in 2022? • What surcharges are on the horizon for 2022? • What benefits will businesses who diversify their carrier portfolio see? • What else can shippers do to make sure they see success in 2022? Experts on the Webinar: Justin Cramer, Co-Founder | ProShip, Inc. Justin Cramer has deployed, designed, or consulted on over 300 customer solutions within 4 continents and has designed shipping solutions executing more than 1.1 million labels a day. Justin has been on the IT side of shipping since 2001. Mark Taylor, Director of Parcel Consulting | enVista With over 20 years of Parcel Industry experience, Mark Taylor works with clients to guide them through contract analysis and negotiation processes. With a background that includes operations, transportation network engineering, new service development, and parcel spend management, he brings a unique perspective to managing parcel programs. His tenure at enVista completes 3 major perspectives in parcel analysis: as a carrier, shipper, and now as a 3rd party consultant. Some of the customers he has worked with include Vera Bradley, Tire Rack, Abercrombie & Fitch, LVMH, Tory Burch, AmerisourceBergen, Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, and many others.