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[The Ever Evolving 3PL] Delivering Frustration Free Fulfillment for E-Commerce Customers

E-commerce continues to surge, and retailers are looking for external help in fulfilling their parcel orders. In an effort to keep up, 3PL companies are forced to revamp strategies and utilize advanced technology to deliver products to consumers faster than ever before, without compromising quality or accuracy. In this session, we'll discuss the industry's toughest questions and explore how Quiet Logistics shifted their fulfillment strategy in order to meet their customers' specific needs for customized solutions that maximize results and delight the end customer. Featured Experts: Jonathan Briggs, Director of National Accounts, Partnerships and Ecosystems at Quiet Logistics Tony Verrill, Shipping Executive at ProShip, Inc. Bill Schroeder, Director of Strategic Alliances at ProShip, Inc.