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Advanced Logistics Masterclass: From Rate Planning to Parcel Execution

Managing the supply chain has never been more complex. For shippers specifically, they must navigate the challenges of a changing carrier landscape featuring rate increases, labor disputes, and market consolidation. Shippers must navigate these challenges while ensuring transportation costs are optimized and customer expectations are met or exceeded. Now more than ever, it is essential that shippers focus on robust and flexible transportation programs that strike the perfect balance between high quality customer experiences AND optimized transportation spend. That can be achieved by effective rate planning and parcel execution. Watch this special webinar where experts from ProShip and Körber discuss strategies to take parcel rate shopping to the next level. We will go beyond the basics and discuss the best practices for advanced rate planning and parcel execution. What you’ll learn: -Gain an understanding of the future effects on different carriers, service levels, and modes of transportation -Planning techniques to leverage current effects -Apply the planning via carrier selection and the correct type of rate shopping to realize improvements/savings Speakers: Justin Cramer, Co-founder of ProShip Inc. Mark Taylor, Sr. Director of Transportation Consulting at Körber