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[Expert Interview at ICON 2023] Modern Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Listen in to this discussion to discover a supply chain solution that can meet the evolving needs of today’s modern shippers. The dramatic effect the pandemic had on consumer demand and e-commerce sales and volume is undeniable. In fact, e-commerce sales grew 43% in 2020 after the first year of the pandemic alone. So, what does this significant increase mean for shippers? It means that shippers have an increased need for parcel capabilities due to the effects of the pandemic on e-commerce. Several years ago, most shippers were unprepared for the additional capacity brought on by the pandemic and could not scale quickly enough because of their technology limitations. While the future is still unclear, the pandemic made it obvious that the flexibility to adapt as your needs change is critical. ProShip’s own Head of Enterprise Sales, Tony Verrill, sat down with Mark Jeffries at this year’s Blue Yonder Icon to discuss the post-pandemic effects of e-commerce on the shipping industry and the importance of flexibility in your supply chain. The discussion touches on important points surrounding the state of the industry, what both shippers and carriers are looking for in supply chain solutions, and how ProShip provides a flexible yet robust shipping software for all of the above. During the discussion, Tony shares that today, the shipping industry holds a different mindset in terms of what people are looking for from their carrier partners. There has been a shift from prioritizing diversification of the carrier library to rationalization of carriers (who to use and are they providing value). More and more shippers are realizing the importance of rationalization of carriers in a post-pandemic world; it’s all about how you can work with your carrier partners smarter and do more with less to find cost-efficiencies in your business. This is where a multi-carrier shipping software solution like ProShip comes in. ProShip provides the flexibility to adapt as your needs change, a crucial feature as we face a world vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances such as the pandemic. This multi-carrier shipping solution is also designed with the scalability to handle complex parcel shipping challenges (like advanced carrier rating, increased peak shipping throughput, omnichannel fulfillment and more), with the capability to seamlessly fit into your Enterprise Software Stack. The ProShip and Blue Yonder partnership creates a solution that can maximize end-of-line shipping capabilities and eliminate skyrocketing shipping costs. When you put together two powerhouse solutions, you create the ideal foundation to build supply chain success. Learn more about how the ProShip and Blue Yonder partnership drives supply chain optimization for leading brands.