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[Parcel Shipping] Maergo and ProShip: Even Better Together

Learn more about the new Maergo integration for the ProShip platform.

True Blue | Why Your Parcel Carrier Mix Should Include the USPS

Learn what changes the United States Postal Service has implemented with their Merchant Rate Card.

Experts on Demand: Parcel Rate Shopping at Parcel Forum 2022

Watch the recording from the joint presentation from ProShip and Körber Supply Chain at Parcel Forum 2022 in Chicago.

Parcel Shipping Spotlight: ProShip on the Big Screen

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A Broken Record? The 2023 General Rate Increases

ProShip shares tips for dealing with the 2023 GRIs and a playlist to help you remember what to do.

[Expert Exchange] Look Before You Leap

Learn how rating shipments upstream can improve your parcel shipping operations.