Reverse Logistics

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Converge Featured Session: Blueprint for Returns

ProShip shipping experts explore how to make returns a strategic part of your client experience at Converge 2021.

The USPS Announces 2021 Peak Season Rate Adjustments

ProShip shipping experts share how the new USPS rate adjustments will affect your shipping costs.

Reverse Logistics Lessons I Learned from my Dog

Read on for tips for designing a successful reverse logistics program.

Many Happy Returns: What You Need to Know about Hazardous Material Returns

Dangerous Goods returns require an education of the rules and regulations - is your business in the know?

Why Shipping Costs are Costing You Customers

Your current parcel shipping strategy may be costing you customers and sales - learn why.

Parcel Shipping: The Need for Speed

Shifts in online shopping behavior and customer delivery expectations place focus on parcel shipping speed.