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Parcel Shipping Spotlight: ProShip on the Big Screen

See ProShip’s brand new video highlighting how supply chain technology is changing the parcel landscape.

[2023 US Vendor Awards] ProShip Up for Best Fulfillment Advancement at NRF 2023

Voting now open! Cast your vote for ProShip to win the Best Fulfillment Advancement award.

A Broken Record? The 2023 General Rate Increases

ProShip shares tips for dealing with the 2023 GRIs and a playlist to help you remember what to do.

[Expert Exchange] Look Before You Leap

Learn how rating shipments upstream can improve your parcel shipping operations.

[NRF Preview] Kicking Off 2023 with a Can’t Miss Trade Show for Retailers

Check out what today’s supply chain and IT professionals must see at NRF 2023: Retail’s BIG Show.

How Procurement Professionals Help Build the Case for Parcel Shipping Software

Learn how the procurement team can find the best-fit multi-carrier shipping software to drive their supply chain.