International Women’s Day is March 8th, and we’re proud to showcase our female talent now and always.

On Sunday, March 8th, ProShip, along with communities around the world, will celebrate women globally. The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #EachforEqual, meaning an equal world is an enabled world, and collectively each one of us can help create a gender equal society.

One of the most prevalent areas in society where inequality still lies is within business. Today, 87% of companies are highly committed to gender equality – a huge increase from 56% in 2012, but there’s still work to do. Liz Elting, entrepreneur, philanthropist and contributor for ForbesWomen states, “I know this is a drum we keep beating. I know it can get repetitive. But what we’re talking about isn’t just a diversity issue. It’s not about hiring women for the sake of hiring women. It’s about creating the conditions conducive to thriving and making them equally available to all.” In fact, there is a strong business case to be made for promoting female involvement in the business world, and it’s time we champion women of all backgrounds who dare to innovate, lead and uplift others towards a more equal and inclusive workplace.  Here at ProShip, we stand by this wholeheartedly.

This year, we asked the female talent here at ProShip…

  1. What do you love about working in the technology/software industry?
  2. Given this year’s theme #EachforEqual, why do you think gender equality is essential for businesses, economies and communities to thrive?
Here’s what they had to say.

“Technology can enable a seamless way of managing the tasks involved with shipping and fulfillment, and it brings me joy when my ideas make things work better. If we as women aren’t able to give our all, we as a society aren’t pushing our potential to its fullest.”

Lisa Blade, Carrier Relations Manager

“I love change for the better, which is essential in the technology industry. I love extending myself above and beyond my typical job description, which is also a trait that many of us women possess. Gender equality promotes better problem solving, as it brings a diversity of perspectives. For example, women have been proven to have better communication skills and emotional intelligence.”

Shannon Staupe, Integration Project Manager

“I love being able to perform my marketing duties within the technology industry – it’s always evolving and expanding. There’s constantly a new skill to learn or a new technique to practice, and I feel that the tech industry allows you to develop a diverse skill set that can be easily transferable to other industries across the board. Gender equality is smart business because it balances leadership perspectives, fosters growth, and keeps your business relevant and competitive. Without relevancy, you’re destined to fail.”

Taylor Pawelka, Strategic Marketing Manager

“I love that things in the tech industry keep evolving and are inter-connected, and I love using my role to keep moving us forward through relationships and growing with other tech companies that we interact with. Gender equality is crucial and especially important in industries where women are underrepresented. Knowing that pay, opportunity and trust are available to women at an equal level as they are to men is important for us as individuals and as the legacy we create for our children.”

Sarit Chalamish, Channel Partner Manager

“I have always loved doing puzzles of all kinds and finding a solution to so-called issues no matter what obstacles are in my way. I get to do that on a regular basis by working in IT, so that’s what I love about working in this industry. Generally speaking, the fact that women take that extra time and put in the extra effort of thorough thought on most everything we do is why we need gender equality in life. Women tend to be full solution providers even in stressful situations and have been proven to be much better at multi-tasking and adapting to whatever a situation calls for which makes us very useful in the versatile situations that come up in the tech industry.”

Melissa Domanski, Integration and Presales Engineer

“I love the fast pace of the tech industry – very different from the industry I come from. Software is at the forefront of new technologies and digital marketing, and because tech is always evolving, I’m always learning something new! We work just as hard and are just as talented as men, but we offer a fresh perspective. That’s why I love seeing women in leadership roles – I feel like my voice is represented at the table.”

Stephanie Muraro-Gust, Brand and Communications Manager

“At a very young age I knew I wanted to be in the tech field. I was intrigued by that culture of movement, growth and advancement that technology brings to our everyday lives. Now as a marketer, my tech background really helps me leverage solutions to better understand our end customer, drive business results and prove the ROI of our efforts. Gender equality in the workforce is so critical for business success. Statistics prove that having women in management positions and on corporate boards help companies perform better financially and leads to a greater diversity of ideas. I think women bring a new voice into the discussion and a fresh perspective.”

Carolyn Wilson, Director of Marketing

“After coming from a professional services company where nothing really changed, being in the tech industry is so much more exciting and constantly changing. I love the vibrancy. Gender equality in the work place provides balance. I don’t necessarily see it as one versus the other, I see it as complementary, bringing out the best of both sides. It’s great when we can see things differently and come together to create something better than either would be separately.”

Amanda Ripley, Vice President, Finance and Administration

“Numbers came naturally to me; puzzles interested me… thinking analytically was my path. My educational background is computer science, and I chose this path because it gave me the ability to use my skills and interests on a daily basis. What better way to spend your career than to do what you enjoy! Equality is important no matter what it is based on… gender, age, religion, race, social class, every individual should have an equal opportunity to capitalize on their talents and skills. With this brings confidence, motivation and everything to ensure success whether it be personally, professionally, economically, and/or socially. The success of the individual will impact the success of the whole, and with this, will strengthen the foothold of the companies and businesses which embrace this concept.”

Sandy Radjenovic, Manager of Technical Support, Service and Customer Management

“I love to problem solve, look for more efficient and automated ways of doing things and analyze results. My role allows me to do all of these things daily while collaborating with teammates from many departments. Taking a business problem that needs a solution or an idea that needs wings and unlocking an answer brings me great satisfaction. As a new mother, I understand now more than ever the strength, resilience, intelligence and dedication that is innately engrained in a woman – traits that I carry with me in all that I do. Businesses, communities and all individuals would reap the benefits of a society built upon diversity and inclusivity where equal effort is rewarded with equal results regardless of one’s physical characteristics.”

Lane Schilling, Head of Sales Operations

“The tech industry was something I never saw myself getting involved with, I went to school for Police Science and wanted to work in Law Enforcement. However I found myself in the tech industry and was able to put my skills to use in other ways. Having customers excited to implement our product and the interaction I have with my engineers is always evolving. Gender equality is essential – it provides opportunities for all, balances the work place, tears down negativity and builds respect and positivity.”

Vicky Pare, Professional Services Manager

As you can see, ProShip benefits from truckloads of female talent, and the industry-leading product we build, implement and support wouldn’t be the same without them. We fully support everything International Women’s Day stands for and continuously promote equality in all of our departments and leadership roles. All of the women at ProShip have achieved impressive career success in an industry with traditionally low female representation, and we champion them for that and so much more.

We encourage our fellow technology partners and customers to join us in celebrating their female colleagues and committing to the #EachforEqual movement.