ProShip has put together a benefits brochure for new carrier partner, AirTerra.

With a flip of the calendar, the race has officially started towards peak 2022. If you haven’t started planning how you are going to secure carrier capacity, you are already behind. A late approach puts you in the terrible position of complacency with limited options for propelling your supply chain to its maximum potential.

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Retailers, manufacturers, and third-party logistics companies who begin their planning process now have the advantage of finding the right carriers for their shipping profile. These carriers can become trusted partners, offering visibility and flexibility during an ever-changing transportation landscape. [Why are single-carrier parcel shipping strategies dead?]

About AirTerra: Diversification Simplified

An innovative parcel shipping company that has recently joined the logistics industry, AirTerra, offers a unique and simplified approach to expanded carrier diversity. Airterra’s nationwide network of Regional Carriers, the United States Postal Service, and Final Mile providers expedites parcels across long zones not only faster, but efficiently and with control.

Download the new ProShip via AirTerra brochure to learn more about AirTerra’s offering.

With only one contract, shippers have access to over 10 carriers and a service area of nearly 70% of the U.S. population. Even better? The program offers one integration, one set-up, and one onboarding.  

Because AirTerra negotiates directly with the carriers, retailers don’t need to juggle minimums from a host of carriers to achieve discounts. [More on Carrier Volume Balancing] In addition, an “all-in” pricing model offers transparency through the billing process – no surprise surcharges and an average parcel savings of 66% against standard rates. Because parcel volume is collected from multiple shippers within a few metropolitan areas, retailers see benefits twofold: shipping costs drop and shipments transport faster.

With a comprehensive and reliable shipping solution, AirTerra is an unprecedented opportunity for retailers to gain agility and resilience in their supply chain through simplified diversification. When combined with an elite multi-carrier shipping software solution, retailers will experience the speed, compliance, flexibility and support that ProShip’s legacy depicts.

Adding AirTerra to Your Carrier Mix

For more information on adding AirTerra to your carrier mix, download our AirTerra & ProShip Brochure, contact your Customer Success Specialist, or contact our Sales Team to get the process started of supercharging your supply chain.