Logistics Companies’ Partnership Provides Customers Diversification Simplified

Brookfield, WI and Seattle, WA - October 28, 2021 –  ProShip, Inc., the most trusted global provider of automated multi-carrier shipping software, recently partnered with innovative parcel shipping company AirTerra, to give mid- to enterprise-level retailers, manufacturers and distribution companies the capability to deliver packages more quickly, with greater reliability and at a lower cost by providing carrier variety.

Filling an industry gap in carrier diversity, AirTerra aggregates packages from multiple shippers through its own network in major metropolitan areas. The company’s “point-to-point” network is designed to ship parcels across long zones faster and with a greater degree of control than what is offered through legacy carriers. The end result is a reduced click-to-deliver time for shippers, along with lower costs for those deliveries.

Founded in 2020 by supply chain veteran Brent Beabout, who previously led supply chain organizations at companies such as Nordstrom, Walmart and Office Depot|OfficeMax, Airterra went live in Summer 2021 and is currently reaching over 60 percent of the U.S. population. AirTerra’s unique model is focused on linking together Regional Parcel Carriers, the USPS, and other Final Mile providers into a virtual network that delivers parcels nationwide.

“As our customers continue to grow their e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment capabilities, ProShip continues to expand our carrier options to accommodate middle and last mile deliveries,” said ProShip president, Bill Schroeder. “ProShip makes it easy to diversify carriers with a simple onboarding process, allowing customers to ease capacity constraints and control their shipping spend.”

“We are leveraging the changing dynamic in the parcel shipping industry to develop simple solutions for brands seeking to cut-costs, improve speed and accuracy, and achieve greater transparency through carrier diversity,” Beabout said about AirTerra’s imperative.

“As industry veterans, we understand the needs of today’s e-commerce shippers and are excited about partnering with ProShip to offer AirTerra’s shipping solutions – including predictable pricing, full visibility and flexibility – and deliver for retailers of all sizes by leveling the playing field.”

ProShip is actively seeking new partnerships with new and unique carriers to expand shipping services and service areas for all its customers – combining partners’ strength and expertise help to build a better platform for adapting to industry challenges and exceeding customer expectations.

ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist to get the AirTerra carrier module added to their ProShip environment.

[View the AirTerra via ProShip Brochure]

About ProShip, Inc.
ProShip, Inc. is the most trusted global provider of automated multi-carrier shipping software. With simple carrier connectivity and high flexibility, ProShip enables complex features and functions, such as maintaining compliance, executing multi-carrier rate shopping with unified business logic and empowering omnichannel fulfillment. Because ProShip integrates with multiple parts of an Enterprise Software System, our multi-carrier shipping solution can automate the supply chain workflow and turn your parcel shipping operation into an efficient powerhouse. For more information, visit www.proshipinc.com.

About AirTerra  
AirTerra is an innovative parcel shipping company that solves ecommerce challenges in a unique way so retailers and brands of all sizes can compete on a level playing field. With AirTerra, you get access to more capacity, greater flexibility, and benefit from simplified pricing, contracts, onboarding and carrier management, all without the additional cost required to manage multiple carriers. We provide Diversification Simplified. Learn more at https://airterra.com.

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