The public can now vote for ProShip to win the award starting November 1st.

ProShip is excited to announce that our industry-leading multi-carrier shipping software has been nominated for Best Fulfillment Advancement for the 2022 US Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards. These awards celebrate the solutions that power retail ecosystems and provide resolutions to various business challenges across the United States.

Best Fulfillment Advancement Award details

Within the Supply Chain Innovation category, the Best Fulfillment Advancement Award recognizes a solution that addresses the multiple channels and new requirements for order fulfillment. With retailers needing to provide fast and convenient service to meet the high expectations of customers, they need a solution that addresses “anywhere” order fulfillment.

How and why to vote for ProShip

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Because of the pandemic and an excessive acceleration in e-commerce, now more than ever, today’s top retailers come to ProShip to help diversify their carrier mix and add new fulfillment locations in order to ease warehouse capacity constraints and save on shipping costs to end-consumers. In fact, 25% of the National Retail Federation’s Top 100 Retailers who ship parcel, trust ProShip multi-carrier shipping software to leverage the fastest carrier engines in the world to automatically choose lowest-cost carrier service while meeting delivery promises. They also are able to utilize more inventory sources through omnichannel fulfillment strategies, moving more product and increasing sales. Because of this, enterprise retailers are able to easily handle chaotic peak season shipping, improving the customer experience and building brands loyalty instead of losing customers to competitors.

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Why else should ProShip win this award

This isn’t just a job to us, it’s a passion, and a partnership with ProShip is a two-way street. ProShip partners with today’s retailers with a goal to achieve their most complex supply chain goals (not just to offer a commodity transactional software package). We built the ProShip framework to not only provide recommendations, but also be able to modify those recommendations to custom fit our solution into our customers’ unique shipping environment.

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Our software is also the last multi-carrier shipping solution our clients will ever need. As our customers’ businesses grow, our software scales to meet increased demands, no matter how many fulfillment locations (distribution centers, stores, third-party vendors) are added. This has been extremely important given the pandemic consequences the supply chain industry has faced.

For instance, we added an NRF Top 100 Retailer to our customer base in 2021, allowing them to utilize ProShip multi-carrier shipping software in their distribution center and all 1,000+ stores. We’ve also helped numerous shippers to onboard additional carriers to help with capacity constraints, where the carrier is line-hauling and injecting shipments into a carrier network even when the origin isn’t supported. In fact, ProShip was able to write 12 new carrier engines this year with 3 more planned before 2022, so customers have even more options when fulfilling orders for delivery. Additionally, FedEx awarded ProShip with its 8th consecutive Diamond Status Tier Award, the only company able to accomplish this every year since the inception of the program.

But don’t take our word for it…

“We went into the traditional RFP process and there were several criteria that we looked at. Can they work with Manhattan? Can they work with our fulfillment solution in the stores? But the decision wasn’t just about the checklist, it was also about looking for the people who would be successful and have the heart to get this thing done.”

Scott Davis, Director of Supply Chain Systems, Maintenance and Process Excellence, Finish Line

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“The addition of ProShip will provide us a more robust solution offering elevated levels of distribution efficiency, carrier integrations and quality support — helping us exceed customer expectations.”

Ryan Ostrom, Chief Brand Officer, GNC

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“We saw an ROI with ProShip multi-carrier shipping software in about a month.”

Pat Sullivan, Distribution Center & Logistics Manager, Mason Companies

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“ProShip shipping software has allowed us to scale our e-commerce fulfillment network within our DC and ship-from-store network with ease. The flexibility and speed to rate and service shop multiple carriers instantaneously has allowed us to reliably ship 10’s of thousands of packages daily through multiple channels.”

Christopher Fall, Manager Omni Fulfillment & Supply Chain Optimization, Petco

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Additional Event Details

We hope you consider voting ProShip for the Best Fulfillment Advancement. Voting starts Monday, November 1st and concludes Friday, December 3rd, 2021. The VIP Awards will be presented at National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Retail’s Big Show on January 15th, 2022.

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