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Shippers Owning Capacity: The Pros, The Cons?

What shippers are doing with carriers in order to own their capacity and amplify distribution.

UPS Announces 2022 General Rate Increase (GRI)

Here are the things parcel shippers need to be aware of...

Introducing the all-new

ProShip's new website focuses on ease-of-use and parcel shipping thought usership.

[Multichannel Merchant] Why Yesterday’s Carrier Strategy Has Expired

The shipping landscape bears little resemblance to the one that existed just two short years ago.

Analyzing the FedEx 2022 General Rate Increase

Used to a 4.9% GRI? Think again when looking at 2022 parcel shipping.

ProShip Opinion Panel: Peak Shipping Season’s Date with Destiny

Hear from a panel of ProShip shipping experts on what to expect in the coming months across the supply chain industry.