The details make the difference when it comes to shipping a surprising array of everyday items

According to the federal government, a dangerous good (aka hazardous material or hazmat) is any substance or material that is capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety and property when transported in commerce. This goes beyond explosives, corrosives and other flammable or radioactive materials. In fact, many would be surprised to learn that everyday items such as hand sanitizer and even dental whitening strips can fall into the dangerous goods category.

This infographic provided by Labelmaster takes a look at some of the items that are regulated when it comes to hazmat shipping.

Images of household products that are considered hazmat

See GREEN when shipping RED.

When shipping hazardous materials, you need to have a strong understanding of detailed and complex regulations. The combination of ProShip and Labelmaster makes dangerous goods shipping as predictable as non-regulated shipping.

Reduce dangerous goods fines and delays to make your entire operation more efficient. Instantly validate your shipping data against the latest regulations – free up personnel from having to dig through regulatory texts and hoping they get it right.

A version of this blog was originally written and published by Labelmaster in November 2014. To view the original, please go here.

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