ShipX’s top tier technology paired with ProShip’s feature-rich shipping software to enhance every step of the shipping experience

ShipX, the middle to last mile delivery service revolutionizing the shipping industry, recently announced a partnership with ProShip, industry-leading multi-carrier shipping software solution. This partnership will integrate ShipX into ProShip’s broad and expanding carrier library, providing brands and shippers with their best-in-class technology and parcel delivery services.

Renowned as a trusted provider for major e-commerce businesses, retailers, and third-party logistics companies, much of ShipX’s success stems from their Vetted Delivery Network (VDN). Their VDN gives them the ability to execute large volumes of deliveries daily, offering a delivery capacity that makes ShipX a preferred choice in the industry. To keep up with the large volume of packages, their technology optimizes the entire delivery process, making it faster and more efficient. They aim to ensure cost-effective shipping by removing accessorial fees and offering predictable pricing. Additionally, ShipX maintains their commitment to a positive consumer experience by providing door-to-door parcel tracking services, allowing consumers to follow their packages from ShipX’s website or their own.

We are excited to be partnering with a leading enterprise grade TMS partner in ProShip. This will allow our customers to significantly cut down their integration times when looking to work with ShipX. Anything we can do to improve the customer experience is in our DNA and being included in ProShip’s native carrier engine allows us to continue improving our product and the way customers interact with our services.

-Solomon Zakinov, CEO at ShipX

In the last quarter of 2022, ShipX announced their partnership with Climate Impact Partners, resulting in their entire network becoming carbon neutral. ShipX strongly believes there is untapped potential within the existing delivery infrastructure that could result in substantial waste reduction. In their significant effort to offset the carbon dioxide emissions produced by its carrier vehicles, they invest in carbon offset programs to counterbalance their use of fossil fuels and other environmentally harmful resources. They also leverage their technology platform to efficiently utilize existing routes for carrier vehicles, when possible. Especially today, ShipX’s industry leading sustainability practices are admirable by consumers as more and more prioritize sustainability in relation to brand loyalty.

With a close eye on the evolving dynamics of the shipping industry, we are leveraging these changes by maintaining simple and effective solutions with access to these new options for shippers. Our customers and their needs are continuously growing and changing, so we do our part by providing an expansive library with unique carriers that can best serve a variety of needs.

-Justin Cramer, VP of Sales and Marketing at ProShip

ProShip is excited to partner with innovative carrier engines to offer expanded shipping services and service areas to our customers. Our primary goals, like ShipX, are to help businesses cut costs, enhance speed and accuracy, and deliver an exceptional customer experience among many others, making this partnership a great fit.

To get the ShipX carrier module added to their ProShip environment, ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist.

About ShipX

ShipX is a full-service delivery solutions provider that leverages world class proprietary technology to help shippers of all sizes execute and streamline bulk and parcel delivery to their customers. ShipX’s industry leading sustainability practices offset all shipments in their network across all service levels. The company’s Vetted Delivery Network (VDN) optimizes the entire delivery process, from pickup to delivery. ShipX’s end goal is for product delivery to be faster, more efficient, while leveraging world-class technology to optimize and track shipments.