ProShip customers gain access to delivery excellence in Canada with Intelcom

The new partnership of ProShip, industry-leading modern multi-carrier shipping software solution, and Intelcom, Canadian courier and package delivery provider, is a recipe for shipping victory. This partnership will integrate Intelcom into ProShip’s vast and continuously expanding carrier library, available for current and prospective ProShip customers.

Intelcom is a first-mile, middle-mile, last-mile, and direct injection carrier. They recognize the increase in customer expectations surrounding deliveries and prioritize customer satisfaction by offering flexible coast-to-coast delivery across Canada, 7 days a week. Going the extra mile, they’ve earned themselves a 97.6% on-time delivery rate meeting the service level agreement, as well as an impressive 4.4/5 average customer satisfaction score based on over 2.1 million reviews in 2022. Real-time tracking information and consumer notifications are also provided every step of the way, while their bilingual customer service team is always ready to assist.

Aside from their high service ratings, the blend of logistics and technology is what sets Intelcom apart. In the world of logistics where every minute counts, the company is highly dedicated to reshaping the delivery landscape for their clients and their consumers by staying at the forefront of technological innovation. They utilize an ever-evolving proprietary, high-end tech stack and at the very core of their technological expertise is their Route Optimization Sequence. In less than 90 minutes, Intelcom’s experts can crank out over 3,000 optimized routes across Canada, enabling faster deliveries with the flexibility of later client drop-offs and increased parcel capacity.

“At Intelcom, we know a strong delivery experience can make all the difference in a consumer’s online shopping journey which is why we are always developing new innovative solutions to rising consumer expectations. Our commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions will allow Intelcom to provide ProShip customers with a fast, reliable and predictable shipping experience in the Canadian market.”, shares Jean-Daniel Gervais, Vice-president Sales & Marketing at Intelcom.

Both ProShip and Intelcom understand that carrier availability is a fundamental component of modern logistics and an important factor in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. With the spike in e-commerce and shifting customer expectations, Intelcom’s seven-days-a-week delivery operations is something that sets them apart from other carriers and gives them an attractive competitive advantage. ProShip customers looking to expand their global reach into our Canadian neighbor can utilize Intelcom, the best delivery partner for Canadian businesses.

“With the uncertainty of today’s economy and the constant threat of parcel shipping volatility looming, ProShip seeks partnerships with carriers who can provide customers with a reliable service that will follow through on promise dates. That is why we are so excited to partner with Intelcom, because of their unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional service and top-notch customer experience. Their accommodation of 365 days a year, rain or shine, and 90% address reach combined with ProShip’s feature-rich, yet flexible multi-carrier shipping software offers our customers a combination that can’t be matched.”

Jeff Lukaszewski, Director of R&D at ProShip

To get the Intelcom carrier module added to their ProShip environment, ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist.

About Intelcom:

Founded in 1986, Intelcom is headquartered in Montreal, QC. They operate a network of over 70 stations across 12 Canadian provinces and territories. This logistics company delivers over 400,000 packages daily across Canada. Over the last ten years, Intelcom has become a leader and innovative force in the package delivery environment. They currently proudly deliver more than 100 million packages annually in 10 Canadian provinces and two territories.