ProShip customers will now have access to Pitney Bowes Expedited Returns and Delivery Services

A recent Pitney Bowes survey found that 70% of shoppers cited a “quick refund on returns” as significant to making a purchase decision. Customers want a returns process that is clearly defined, easy-to-follow and provides them with a timely refund. This is becoming increasingly important as e-commerce numbers are up and peak season 2020 is well on its way, making the retail space even more competitive than ever.

To supplement ProShip’s carrier compliant engines and advanced rate shopping functionality, we’ve expanded our already extensive set of carrier integrations to include Pitney Bowes Expedited Returns. Now with both deferred and expedited services, customers can select the best returns capabilities for their returns strategy.

For instance, with Expedited Returns, ProShip customers are now able to choose the USPS delivery method that fits their customer’s needs, allowing you to get the product back from the customer faster and provide a quick refund. Included with Expedited Returns is free home pick-up. According to the same survey, customers also said that being able to return a package without ever leaving their home is their #1 preferred returns method, allowing customers to feel safer in today’s pandemic world. Expedited Returns are 2-3 days faster than Standard Returns and do not require a minimum volume. There is also no additional label cost for returns, and a typical returns label is about the same price as a ground shipment label. With Expedited Returns, there are no hidden costs, surcharges or other accessorial fees.

Along with Expedited Returns, ProShip customers now have access to Pitney Bowes Expedited Delivery Service, a 2-3 day service that provides the speed and reliability similar to premium products, but at the price point of postal solutions. Included with Expedited Service is Delivery Guarantee, a 3-day delivery guarantee for shipments within the continental US.

ProShip is continually seeking ways to enhance our customers’ parcel shipping strategies by enabling more services and reducing costs wherever necessary. We’re excited to offer these newly available services to help exceed shipping and returns expectations and boost supply chain efficiency.

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