Learn why ProShip was named 2023 UPS Ready Premier Partner

ProShip is proud to announce its recognition as a 2023 UPS Ready Premier Partner! Each year, leading UPS Ready partners are recognized for their contributions to the success of the UPS ecosystem and customer base for the year prior. The top solutions are named UPS Ready Premier Partners. This prestigious designation acknowledges ProShip’s exceptional support for UPS services, outstanding collaboration efforts, and overall exemplary performance within the UPS Ready program.

“This award is a testament to ProShip’s unwavering dedication to providing exceptional value to our customers through our seamless integration with UPS services,” said Dan Scott, Director of Research & Development at ProShip. “We are honored to be recognized as a UPS Ready Premier Partner and remain committed to fostering a thriving partnership that empowers businesses to optimize their shipping operations with UPS services.”

Being named a UPS Ready Premier Partner signifies ProShip’s ongoing commitment to providing businesses with the tools and expertise needed to optimize their UPS shipping experience. Through this partnership, ProShip demonstrates a dedication to:

  • Streamlining Integration: ProShip works closely with UPS to ensure a smooth and effortless integration between systems. This translates to a more efficient workflow for your business.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: ProShip prioritizes ongoing collaboration with UPS. This collaborative approach ensures ProShip stays up-to-date on the latest UPS developments and can continually improve its support for UPS services.
  • Exceptional Performance: ProShip’s commitment to providing exceptional service is a core value. Being named a UPS Ready Premier Partner reflects ProShip’s consistent high performance within the UPS Ready program.

ProShip’s recognition as a 2023 UPS Ready Premier Partner highlights several key reasons why ProShip multi-carrier shipping software is the perfect choice for your UPS shipping needs:

  • Always-On Reliability: ProShip’s versionless architecture eliminates costly updates and downtime, ensuring uninterrupted shipping operations with UPS.
  • Parcel Expertise, Peak Performance: ProShip’s deep understanding of carriers like UPS and parcel-focused core focus translates into robust functionality for optimizing shipping across large parcel volumes, regardless of origin.
  • Seamless Integration, Total Visibility: ProShip integrates effortlessly with existing systems, providing a centralized hub for managing your UPS shipments. This gives you complete control and end-to-end visibility, streamlining your workflow.

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Through ProShip’s robust multi-carrier shipping platform, powered by their strong partnerships like UPS Ready Premier, you gain access to reliable and efficient carrier options, optimizing your entire shipping operation. Let ProShip be your partner in navigating the complexities of shipping and achieving operational excellence. ProShip is the last shipping software you’ll ever need.

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