Listen in for strategies to achieve the ultimate balance of optimized shipping operations and significant cost savings

In today’s dynamic parcel market, where demand fluctuates, consumer expectations shift constantly, and carrier rates change at their own pace, navigating shipping operations can be exceptionally difficult. Striking the perfect balance between optimization and cost control, while ensuring timely and affordable deliveries, is a challenge faced by businesses of all sizes.

Fear not, shippers – ProShip ParcelCast is back and with a twist! With a more relaxed and conversational atmosphere, ProShip’s podcast now not only features industry experts and the latest parcel shipping trends, but they also have a cocktail or mocktail in hand. In this month’s episode of the brand new ProShip ParcelCast Unwined, we’ve brought together supply chain experts Justin Cramer, Co-Founder at ProShip, and Timur Eligulashvili, President of Logistix Remix, joined by our lovely host, Jerri Dixon, Alliance Manager at ProShip. With a sazerac in hand, they dive deep into strategies and considerations essential for businesses aiming to achieve significant cost savings in their shipping operations. Listen in to hear more about:

  • Decoding Shipping Costs: Uncover the hidden fees and complex structures within shipper’s transportation spend including GRIs, demand surcharges, and dimensional weight calculations, which help ensure your budget stays on the right path.
  • Contract Negotiations: Learn the art of negotiating with confidence, with tips, powerful tools, and key points business should focus on to secure shipping contracts that protect your bottom line.
  • Advanced Cost Reduction Strategies: Discover data-driven decision-making, zone-based shipping strategies and the right tools to empower your cost-cutting efforts.

The episode concludes with some essential takeaways and our new recurring This or That segment, allowing our listeners and viewers to get to know our experts a little better.

Ready to achieve peak performance without blowing your budget? Tune in now and discover the 3 C’s of finding the right carrier fit plus more insider tips from Timur that you won’t want to miss. Grab your glass and listen now!

For this episode of ProShip ParcelCast Unwined, our experts enjoy The Cost-Cutting Sazerac with simplicity amidst complexity in mind. Cheers to smarter shipping with this symbolic cocktail – a reminder that simplicity and finesse can lead to impressive results.

Enjoy the Cost-Cutting Sazerac with our shipping experts:

Ingredients: sugar cube, sazerac bitters, lemon bitters, absinthe, rye whiskey

In a chilled glass, rinse with absinthe and pour out the excess. In a shaker, muddle the sugar cube with the sazerac and lemon bitters. Add ice and the rye whiskey, stirring until the sugar is nearly dissolved. Strain into the prepared chilled glass and add a lemon twist for garnish. Cheers!

Make sure to tune into the next ProShip ParcelCast Unwined episode to learn about the latest trends and insights in modern logistics and supply chain!