Explore how ProShip helped the Green Bay Packers Pro Shop transform their parcel shipping operations in a video case study

ProShip, a leading multi-carrier shipping software provider, is excited to share the success story of its collaboration with the iconic Green Bay Packers Pro Shop. In a recently released video case study, the unique journey of the Packers Pro Shop unfolds, showcasing the impact of ProShip’s robust, automated multi-carrier shipping solution on their parcel shipping operations.

The Green Bay Packers, known for their devoted fan base, faced the challenge of meeting high customer expectations in the competitive world of parcel shipping. Seeking a partner to elevate its direct-to-consumer shipping experience, the Packers Pro Shop turned to ProShip.

In the competitive world of parcel shipping, the Packers Pro Shop sought a partner that understands the unique challenges of delivering Packers gear to fans worldwide,” says Justin Cramer, Co-Founder at ProShip. “ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping solution empowers the Packers Pro Shop to deliver a shipping experience that is not only faster and more flexible but also cost-effective for their fans.

The video case study closely examines the distinctive hurdles the Packers Pro Shop encountered, featuring insights from Tim Schroeder, Manager of the Retail Distribution Center for the Pro Shop. Schroeder highlights how the collaboration streamlines shipping processes and frees up valuable IT resources for the Packers Pro Shop. Notably, the partnership has provided them with a significant 13% cost-savings within the first year of utilization.

We will always look to see where we can save margin. This was a great opportunity for us to implement a software that we can trust with customer service that’s willing to help at any point,” states Schroeder. “ProShip for the Packers Pro Shop was a perfect fit.

Customer expectations are really, really high nowadays,” adds Justin Cramer. “Getting your Packers gear when you expect it, aka, by a certain time and date, is an expectation that is critical for retailers with loyal customer bases to meet.

Watch the video to experience the evolution of the Packers Pro Shop to shipping excellence through collaborative success with ProShip. Discover firsthand how ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping software has revolutionized shipping operations for this iconic sports merchandise hub.

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