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Crossing Continents: ProShip Partners with ECMS Express

ProShip customers can now add ECMS for an international end-to-end shipping experience

ProShip is delighted to announce a partnership with ECMS Express, a globally trusted end-to-end international shipping courier. This partnership will integrate ECMS Express into ProShip’s broad carrier library, providing current and prospective ProShip customers the ability to utilize this carrier’s fast and cost-effective delivery services.

As an international express delivery service for e-commerce, ECMS has a corporate goal to make their cross-border shipping as simple as possible while maintaining a customer-focused operation. They achieve this by leveraging their in-house proprietary intelligent logistics system to offer customers a technology-enabled end-to-end delivery experience. ECMS Express stands out as their solution is customizable, going beyond the conventional carrier by enabling management and implementation of a total supply chain solution that aligns with each customer’s unique business and IT requirements. They take their efforts towards an exceptional customer experience a step further as their customer service team holds a BBB certification and is consistently prepared to extend a helping hand.

ECMS is also dedicated to providing a cost-effective global express parcel delivery experience. Cross-border shipping is notorious for its high price tag as transportation costs, customs, compliance, and other factors tack on additional fees. ECMS reduces costs for their customers with no additional fuel surcharges while completing international deliveries in 6 to 7 business days. Their global service network expands throughout the world’s top trade markets and maintains presence in the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. With their established and experienced history delivering into Asia-Pacific markets, their delivery services are at least 40% less expensive for international shipping from the United States to the Asia-Pacific region.

“During times of economic uncertainty, ProShip holds a commitment to providing a fast, seamless, and cost-effective shipping software solution for our customers. It is of upmost importance that the carriers we add to our library hold the same values, making ECMS Express a great partner. The integration of ECMS Express and their unique service offerings to our expanding carrier library will help further each of our strengths and provide excellent service to our customers on both sides.”

-Jerri Dixon, Alliances Manager at ProShip

ProShip holds high regards for every carrier partner integrated into our library for their role in enabling a truly efficient multi-carrier shipping software, while ensuring customers have a dependable and satisfying experience at the same time.

To get the ECMS Express carrier module added to their ProShip environment, ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist.

About ECMS Express:

Founded in 2013, ECMS has leveraged their years of experience in competitive market rates as well as international logistics to build an end-to-end express international logistics solution. They offer several products including international air express, international freight forwarding, contract logistics among additional customer-focused value-added services. Throughout the years, they have successfully built strong market relevant B2C capabilities with the help from their partnerships with some of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms.