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The Top 5 Takeaways from ProS Who Know 2023

Hear what you missed at this year's ProS Who Know virtual event from the ProShip shipping experts

The ProS Who Know 2023 virtual event has officially come to an end, leaving us with a wealth of shipping insights and supply chain knowledge that we can't wait to share. This annual event brings together supply chain professionals, industry leaders, and top shipping experts to explore the latest trends and strategies in the world of parcel shipping. As the host of this event, ProShip brings together this impressive array of individuals through our extensive network of partnerships and connections, made possible by our status as a well-established parcel shipping industry leader with over two decades of experience. Dive in as we dig into the top five things we learned at ProS Who Know 2023, and discover what changes you can make to improve your shipping strategy today.

Takeaway 1: The Impact of General Rate Increases (GRIs)

The supply chain and logistics world is continually evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is essential. The ProS Who Know 2023 event shed light on a hot topic - General Rate Increases (GRIs). Understanding how to navigate the changing cost structures within the industry is a fundamental aspect of successful shipping. Experts talked about how brands should make data-driven and well-informed choices based on real-time data to reduce shipping expenses while maintaining the quality of service their customers expect.

[Expert Panel] What is Going On? What It Really Takes to Thrive in Parcel Pandemonium

“You can make lots of great plans based on historical data, but you have to have that collected and accessible to you in order to do that, right? So, looking year over year, looking at expectations is very helpful in developing robust plans. And once you get inside of peak, what the best programs do is, they are dynamically changing, and they see some of their KPIs change. They can do a Monday morning quarterback, or even a Tuesday morning quarterback – a daily change based on what they're seeing happen.… So, dynamically changing during peak requires you to have that data and have it in a way that you can take action on it immediately without having to spend time crunching it.”

-Mark Taylor, Sr. Director of Transportation Consulting | Korber Supply Chain

[Watch the Expert Panel session on-demand to learn more!]

Takeaway 2: Mastering Dimensional Weight Challenges and Solutions

This event also provided valuable insights into the complexities of dimensional weight pricing and how shippers can overcome these challenges. This eye-opening discussion brought to light the impact of dimensional weight not only on small parcels but also on LTL shipments. Various carriers have different dimensional factors, further complicating the cost calculation process. The discussion emphasized the importance of accurate measurements and proper documentation for all shipments, whether they're large or small. The panelists shared how to address these issues proactively through technology solutions like automated dimension capturing technology and shipping software to maintain cost-efficiency and reduce unnecessary chargebacks.

[Waytek Wire, Cubiscan & Concordance] Tackle Unexpected Shipping Costs Due to Box Size Variance

“When I started first looking at this, we had a substantial growth in business, and we were trying to figure out how to process orders faster. We realized that we were very manual in how we were doing dims. So, we actually went to what they consider a SLAM line, where we have an automated Cubiscan – it’s driven by a conveyor – and we do print and apply labels right on it, so we're able to reduce our cycle time on shipping and re-allocate that labor in other parts of the business. In the Upper Midwest, one of the biggest challenges most people have is labor. Labor is very tight. So, we're trying to figure out how to increase productivity with less labor.”

-Tim Mark, Warehouse Operations Manager | Waytek

[Watch the Waytek, Cubiscan & Concordance session on-demand to learn more!]

Takeaway 3: The Dynamic Landscape of E-Commerce

E-commerce continues to be a driving force in the world of shipping, and the discussions at the virtual ProS Who Know event made it clear that this dynamic landscape directly impacts businesses of all sizes. While large e-commerce players like Amazon have set high standards for customer expectations, the challenge for SMBs and mid-sized businesses lies in delivering a similar customer experience (CX). In response to this challenge, supply chain solutions have become a lifeline for SMB businesses.

[SMB & Mid-Sized Businesses] How to Run with the Top Dogs Using Shipping Software Built to Scale

“It's hard to resist free, especially when you're a startup or when you're smaller. But eventually, you want to move to something that is centralized, where you've got one place to make changes – regardless of how many workstations you have and regardless of how many locations. A server-based solution, with a single point of integration, where you can make changes to that integration and roll them out very quickly from that single point of integration.”

-Clint Boaz, Senior Sales Engineer | ProShip, Inc.

[Watch the SMB & mid-sized businesses session on-demand to learn more!]

Takeaway 4: Navigating the Diverse Carrier Landscape

The diverse carrier landscape was another focal point at ProS Who Know 2023, and it raised many questions for businesses looking to partner with carriers and logistics platforms. Each carrier brings its unique set of features, and finding the right mix is a critical part of shipping success. From emerging carriers to changing market conditions, the shipping world is constantly changing. To navigate this landscape effectively, businesses need to stay on top of technology trends and innovations.

[Insider Master Class] The Diverse Carrier Landscape and How to Navigate It Like a Pro

“10 years ago, the conversation (of) a carrier being a software company, that was really not in the same realm. But with the shipping platforms and shipping partners that we've worked with, the way that the industry has changed, such as picture PODs, as a carrier, you have to make sure that you're keeping up with the trends and the needs of the customers. You have to be able to provide them with that picture… and the visibility when it comes to tracking transits. We live in such a data driven society and everything is instant and right now. Customers don't want to wait three days to find out that their package was on hold because of a bad barcode. They want to be able to see that now and they should be able to action it now, because the data is there… You have to be able to provide it, support it, and then make sure that you're executing that on a day-to-day, and constantly improving.”

-Katie Vogt, IT Director | Asendia USA

[Watch the carrier panel session on-demand to learn more!]

Takeaway 5: The Future of Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

The role of third-party logistics (3PL) in the supply chain continues to increase in importance, and the event explored the possibilities of this growth. The advantage of using a 3PL is in cost savings, enhanced customer service, and scalability. However, businesses must carefully consider factors like technology, communication, and growth opportunities when choosing a 3PL partner. Speakers also discussed innovative supply chain technologies that offer features like EDI communication, AI-driven technologies, and the ability to manage clients' unique business rules, and how these tools provide businesses with the solutions needed to optimize their operations.

[ and ProShip] The Future of Third-Party Logistics: Next-Level Growth Strategies

“Making sure the true partnership is there from a customer success perspective – from a product knowledge perspective and then ultimately, the technology. Is a technology able to not only support you today, but customizable for your future as well? There’s a lot of options out there. It is finding the provider [who] is flexible and [can] customize to your business needs, because your business today is likely going to change in a year.”

-Lars Anderson, Vice President of Sales |

[Watch the session on-demand to learn more!]

The 4th Annual ProS Who Know parcel shipping showcase brought to the forefront valuable insights that resonate with supply chain professionals that extend beyond even the event itself. Modern shipping solutions and innovative technologies, like multi-carrier shipping software, are designed to address these evolving industry needs, offering businesses the tools, technology, and solutions to succeed in the complex world of parcel shipping. By embracing these advancements, companies can meet the challenges of modern shipping head-on and stay competitive in the ever-changing world of e-commerce and shipping.

ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

At its core, multi-carrier shipping software stands as a foundation in addressing the challenges and opportunities discussed during this event. As you reflect on these takeaways, consider how ProShip’s industry-leading multi-carrier shipping software can enhance your shipping and logistics strategies. In a landscape that demands efficiency, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness, choosing the right shipping software can make all the difference.

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