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Seamless Shipping Solutions: Combining Best-in-Class Over-The-Road and Parcel Technology

Check out the webinar on parcel and freight featuring ProShip and Banyan Technology

It is typical for the average shipper to rely on manually referencing 10 separate sources of information to manage their shipping processes. This can include sources like carrier portals, spreadsheets, TMS systems, and ERP systems. However, this hodgepodge of manual processes and information can often lead to complex and disjointed operations, ultimately resulting in unnecessary inefficiencies and delays in your operations. A more efficient strategy to keep smooth sailing in shipping operations can be achieved by utilizing the right technology integrations.

ProShip recently teamed up with Banyan Technology to embark on an exploration of how shippers can utilize parcel technology solutions to respond and pivot appropriately to changes in the freight and parcel landscape for the remainder of the year. Both speakers offered a high-level synopsis of what the current environment looks like and what we can expect to see in Q3 and Q4 this year. They also discuss how combining two top tier solutions can solve potential issues that may arise in the event of unforeseen circumstances in the shipping world.

Seamless Shipping Solutions: Combining Best-in-Class Over the Road and Parcel Technology

Did you miss the live webinar? Check out the on-demand recording to catch up on all the valuable content!

About This Session

  • What Q3 and Q4 will look like and how it will affect your shipping operations
  • How you need to pivot your tech stack in response to changes
  • Why simplifying the complexities of parcel and freight shipping is critical
  • How the current landscape pushes the need for seamless solutions for both parcel and freight execution

Session Speakers

Justin Cramer

Co-founder of ProShip

Alan Minton

Chief Revenue Officer at Banyan Technologies

Discover how top brands are utilizing ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping software to optimize and streamline their shipping operations. Get in touch with our experienced shipping experts today for more information or to schedule a demo.

About Banyan Technology:

Banyan Technology provides the industry’s most innovative technology solution with the most carrier connections for real-time rating and scheduling of shipments. Our LIVE Connect™ platform delivers resources to help clients make better decisions through increased data availability and shipment visibility, saving them time and money.

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