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[Episode 18] Check the Plumbing: Is Your Supply Chain Leaking Money?

With a growing number of annual rate increases and surcharges, 2022 could be an even more expensive year for shippers who haven’t taken a proactive approach to their supply chain. That proactive supply chain should include an in-depth review of your supply chain performance, highlighting key data and analytics that can provide insight into any errors or unnecessary risks. This audit should demonstrate how reliable and flexible your current strategy is – including your partners. If your business relationships aren’t producing the required outcomes, an audit will offer the opportunity to grade vendor performance and open the discussion to improve.

In this month’s ParcelCast episode, ProShip’s, Tony Verrill, talks with Megan Bishop, Director of Global Operations at enVista. During their discussion, Megan dives into how brands across the retail, manufacturing, and third-party logistics industries have seen that carrier diversification is a strategy that has produced real and tangible results that are now necessary in the changing supply chain landscape. With carriers holding so much of the power in the market right now, Tony and Megan explain the importance of being a shipper of choice with a brand’s carriers and how holding this title will bring not only additional capacity but the ability to optimally manage transportation spend.