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Cross-border shipping with ProShip

UPS Ready® Features ProShip on International Websites

ProShip is now being featured on the UPS Ready® websites for four major European countries

Building on our long-term successful relationship with UPS, ProShip is now being featured on the UPS Ready® websites for four countries: the UK, Germany, Italy and France. Not only is ProShip the first provider to have its banner right up front on these websites, it is currently the only provider being featured.

This recognition highlights our great partnership with UPS and our industry leadership in providing world-class multi-carrier shipping software and IT solutions that meet all UPS compliance standards. It also reinforces our commitment to serving both ProShip and UPS customers around the globe.

We’ve been a UPS Ready® provider since 2005. Using the ProShip Product Suite provides UPS customers with a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Direct interfaces with the entire UPS Shipping Software product line
  • Shipping solutions for every need, whether it’s the fastest possible service for urgent shipments, or more economical shipping options for a large body of goods
  • Speed, accuracy, flexibility, ease-of-use, reporting capabilities and immediate access to all shipment information
  • Customs-related international documents, and compliance with carrier rules and requirements for labeling and manifest reporting
  • Exceptional support with a dedicated account manager

For more information on ProShip and UPS Ready®, visit our carrier page call us at 800-353-7774.