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[Episode 10] Parcels to Pallets: Benefits of the Right Partner

It’s been long proven that forming strong vendor partnerships makes smart financial sense. 50% of companies in a recent global research study reported that they consistently get the best people, best pricing, and best ideas from their key suppliers, gaining a competitive advantage to their competitors. Afterall, in an increasingly competitive global ecosystem, collaboration is how top businesses win. So how does that collaboration translate to customer value? Listen to our latest ParcelCast to learn how elite global supply chain partner, Open Sky Group, supported by the ProShip solution, has deployed industry-leading concepts and best practices for top customers.

This ParcelCast episode features ProShip’s Tony Verrill and guest, Shannon Caflisch, Vice President of Sales at Open Sky Group, as they explore the mutually beneficial partnership between the two top companies. Listeners can expect to hear details of the modern landscape of WMS, as well as how supportive vendor partnerships and synergies can propel business for parcel shippers. Open Sky Group gives a glimpse behind the curtain to their effective and successful project approach and tips for the upcoming peak season.