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[Episode 11] Steady as She Goes: Final-Mile Delivery in the Parcel Shipping Landscape

Anyone who has been following the final-mile delivery space can recognize the volatility and unpredictability of this part of the supply chain industry. With new start-ups and national-alternative carriers coming and going relatively quickly, shippers have had to have flexibility in their supply chain and the ability to adapt and shift carriers easily and quickly. So how can shippers build a flexible yet reliable shipping strategy to combat the ebb and flow that different parts of the industry may be seeing?

Listen to our latest ParcelCast to hear ProShip’s take on strategic preparedness with Co-Founder, Justin Cramer, and John Wells, Head of Strategic Parnerships, both of ProShip.

With a last-minute cancellation from a guest (a regional carrier who is recently no longer part of the industry), ProShip owns this discussion as they examine the history of the carrier ecosystem and what ties this has to the more modern landscape. Taking it one step further, Cramer and Wells address some of the problems facing shippers today and share solutions for these on-going issues. They break down specific steps for preparing a stable parcel shipping strategy (hint: it involves a department outside of Logistics and IT). Listen in to find out more!