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[Episode 12] Carrier Concerns: Budgeting, Capacity, & Contracts

Any shipper that has been through a hectic peak season knows that the key to any good strategy is flexibility. The current shipping landscape requires shippers to have options so that they can pivot and adapt depending on capacity and carrier coverage considerations. But how can having more options enable elasticity in your shipping approach? With top multi-carrier shipping software customers touting a decreased operational risk and mitigated shipping expenses, a blueprint for progress towards optimizing your shipping strategy is necessary.  

In this month’s episode of ProShip ParcelCast, host John Wells, ProShip Head of Strategic Partnerships, and ProShip Co-Founder, Justin Cramer, are joined by Nate Skiver, Founder of LPF Spend Management.    

Justin and Nate have a detailed discussion breaking down the keys to navigating common carrier concerns including budgeting, capacity, and constraints. They delve into proven successful strategies like carrier diversification and how to simplify the process. (Hint: A good system is simple, not necessarily easy.) With budgeting at the forefront of so many peak planning processes, the experts give tips for prep work and planning when looking at your finances. They also address contract negotiations and how to take control of your diversified list of carriers to create the best possible shipping negotiation scenarios. Both Justin and Nate connect real-world examples of how our current ecosystem, and the factors affecting it, should determine your pivoting strategies – providing impactful benefits to the customer experience and intentional investments toward your future supply chain needs.