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[Episode 22] And in this Parcel Shipping Corner... WorldLink

2020 through 2022 saw a shake-up in the parcel market. There were mergers, acquisitions, major investments, and several players left the business. With the constant and lightning-fast changes in technology, brands who want to stay innovative but keep their focus on their core business, will choose to acquire complementary products and services. ProShip has included CMS GlobalSoft’s parcel shipping software, WorldLink, as a new product line within our portfolio of solutions to provide value to the mid-market business sector and bring industry knowledge to the forefront with ProShip’s well-known strong reputation.

For this month’s ParcelCast episode, ProShip host, Justin Cramer, is joined by Yulia Popokh, President at both Varsity Logistics and WorldLink and Eric Levine, Sales Executive for WorldLink. Together, the three cover the reasoning behind the acquisition of CMS GlobalSoft by FOG Software and highlight the value points for this product.

Throughout their conversation, listeners will gain insight into the future of the WorldLink product including roadmap initiatives and what we can see from the team. With the ProShip multi-carrier shipping software top of mind, Eric and Justin will break down the similarities and differences of the WorldLink product. They also take a step back to provide an overview of the parcel market and how this product fits in. Finally, find out where you can meet these 3 in person in 2023 – hot tip: it’s across the country!

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