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Choosing Wisely: Partnering with a Tenured Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Vendor

Discover how an experienced multi-carrier shipping software vendor is essential for reliability and industry know-how

Imagine you’re browsing on Amazon for some new bed sheets when you realize your search yields over 10,000 results. With so many colors and thread counts to choose from, how will you ever decide on the perfect sheets for you? Today, our markets are overflowing with what seems like unlimited options for anything and everything under the sun. This makes industry competition fierce across the board. Even further, it makes narrowing down a decision to one final brand an even harder task. While multi-carrier shipping software may not be the first thing that comes to mind when someone says, “I’m in the market to buy…”, it too is in an industry overflowing with options.

Every individual person or department has their own list of unique features or characteristics they factor into making their final purchase decision. Maybe they want their shipping software in a specific price range, or they need it to integrate with certain pieces of their tech stack. However, some may overlook one important factor in choosing a shipping software vendor, which is the company's tenure.

Let’s further explore why partnering with a tenured multi-carrier shipping software vendor is essential.

Why is Employee Tenure a Significant Factor?

Delving into the heart of effective multi-carrier shipping software, the tenure of a vendor’s employees carries high significance.

Strong Support

Looking past the lines of code and complicated technology, the foundation of outstanding multi-carrier shipping software lies in its customer support. This is where the value of a vendor's seasoned workforce comes to the forefront. Tenured staff bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in creating and maintaining robust shipping solutions. Their history, familiarity, and experience with the product’s evolution is first-hand and positions them as invaluable assets. In addition, their expertise in IT enables them to tackle not only supply chain issues, but technical issues as well, as they understand the context and application of the shipping solution.

Aside from their technical expertise, they also provide a great understanding of the needs of their customers. Working in customer support for a shipping software solution over the years, you acquire a significant depth of knowledge in troubleshooting and solving a variety of client issues. This better equips the team to help their customers in a timely and effective manner, transforming the process into a positive customer experience. [Explore three important factors that resolve the shipping software support problem.]

Employee Turnover Rates

Employee tenure in the shipping software industry not only fosters a stable work environment, but also nurtures a culture of continuous improvement. If any company has a high turnover rate, that’s typically not a good sign. It can negatively affect company morale, quality of work, loss of institutional knowledge, disruption in workflows and more.

While just about any company can construct a shipping software solution, it loses a lot of its value if the employees who know the software best leave the company. This means a new team must come in and learn the software from the very beginning, not to mention having to build a cohesive and productive team from the ground up. That's why experts recommend avoiding software development vendors with a turnover rate of over 10%!

Realizing Long-Term Benefits

The lasting dedication of a vendor’s team can ultimately translate into concrete benefits for your business. A workforce with a track record of retention is a valuable asset, fostering continuous software development, adaptability to ever-evolving industry landscapes, and a proactive approach to volatility and industry challenges.

When companies prioritize creating a work environment that encourages the longevity and commitment of their staff, they pave the way for sustained growth, innovation, and a partnership that spans beyond the short-term gains. It provides lasting benefits to businesses navigating the highly involved world of multi-carrier shipping solutions. [Listen in to hear the benefits of finding the right business partnership].

WorldLink's Vetted Team and Top-Tier Solution

Choosing a shipping software vendor is more than just a transaction; it’s a strategic partnership that promises commitment to a long-term relationship full of innovation, risk mitigation, and the establishment of trust. That is why WorldLink’s multi-carrier shipping software is an industry leading solution for growing mid-sized businesses.

Beyond the impressive features and functionalities, our software provides our customers with an even more impressive team of seasoned individuals. Choosing WorldLink as your multi-carrier shipping software vendor is choosing streamlined and efficient shipping operations, a team of committed support, and overall success.

To learn more about how WorldLink’s solution can transform your shipping operations, contact our team of shipping experts or schedule a demo.