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Recap of Converge: The 2023 FOG User Conference

Read on to hear about the networking and learning that happened at the 2023 FOG Software User Conference

With supply chain disruptions and market uncertainties leaving the forecast ambiguous for many shippers, ProShip was thrilled to gather with ProShip partners, customers, professionals, and experts from other FOG Software Group companies at the 2023 Converge User Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The event featured ProShip, WorldLink and 8 of our sister companies in a can’t-miss showcase for customers only that happens only once every 2 years.

This year’s event kicked off on Sunday evening with a welcome reception complete with live music, mingling and networking with hundreds of customers, partners, and executives. The next morning all attendees gathered to hear an introduction from Andy Hodge, the Portfolio Manager at FOG Software Group and opening keynote Craig Karges, an award-winning mentalist who combines the art of magic, the science of psychology and the power of intuition to help listeners embrace a powerful message concerning the potential of the human mind. An exciting and inspirational entertainer for all who attended!

ProShip Educational Sessions

ProShip launched our track with an exciting Announcements and Product Roadmap from President, Bill Schroeder, Co-Founder, Justin Cramer, and Manager of Research and Development, Dan Scott. This session offered attendees a look at the rich history of ProShip as well as a look into what is on the horizon for ProShip’s industry-leading multi-carrier shipping software – highlighting ProShip’s path to stay versionless and maintain a mature agile R&D department.

Over lunch, attendees were able to learn about new ways of enhancing their shipping strategy using postal services from Amine Khechfe, the Chief Strategy Officer at Auctane, Endicia, and The rest of the day included exciting sessions about new ProShip products from Mark Wallace – Software Engineer, Rich Udell - Software Engineering Advisor, and Dan Scott. These sessions covered the new browser-based shipping app [Learn more about the Parcel Config App], the new Config UI [more to come soon!], and the new LTL Config platform [Learn more about the LTL Config App].

Early evening, ProShip customers networked with fellow customers and executives at a private happy hour event to mingle and cheers to surviving the past peak season (or getting ready for the next!). That evening, all Converge participants got together to kick their boots up at 6th and Peabody – which included both Yee Haw Brewing and Ole Smoky Distillery. The evening was filled with live music by recording artist Damien Horne and The Magi, outdoor games, plus delicious foods and drinks. Some attendees sampled the moonshine tastings or explored the wide range of beers brewed on the premises.

Tuesday morning’s session included information about utilizing advanced rate shopping and advanced date shopping to find cost savings, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize efficiencies in shipping operations by Jeff Saccomando, Manager of Integration, and Justin Cramer.

The next session highlighted parcel & LTL cross-modal rate shopping and was hosted by Bill Schroeder, Brian Miller, Professional Services Strategic Advisor, Jonathon Wolynia, Manager of Integration, and Alan Minton, Chief Revenue Officer at Banyan Technology. This session covered the strategic alliance between ProShip and Banyan and the technology that enables the simplification of multi-mode execution. Later in the day, Clint Boaz, ProShip Senior Sales Engineer took a closer look at hazmat shipping and the process of identification, shipping, and post-shipping response with a spotlight on ProShip’s dangerous goods partner, LabelMaster. ProShip’s Services and Support team: Vicky Pare, Director of Customer Success & Support, and Bryan Brown, Support Manager, took the podium next to discuss the changes that the services and support team have made over the past year and draw focus to those still to come.

Tuesday afternoon brought facetime with the Customer Success Specialist team at ProShip: Joe Lowrey, Sandy Radjenovic, William Carver, Liz Klemp, and Katie Wanke. They shared all the avenues around ProShip that customers can communicate with the CSS team and opportunities to connect with other ProShip users. After connecting with the CSS team, ProShip engineers Brian Miller, Jon Wolynia, Jeff Saccomando and Jameela Banks offered free one-on-one time to meet and answer the questions of every ProShip and WorldLink customer in the room.

The last couple sessions of the day gave attendees a high-level overview of specific strategies that shippers can use to improve efficiencies including building a proactive, intelligent carrier mix and utilizing business rule automations. The carrier session by Dan Scott and Justin Cramer offered attendees a closer look at recent new carrier solutions (26+) as well as tips for best using your current carrier relationships. The business rule session by Justin Cramer and Brian Miller helped attendees understand the different types of business rules as well as the pros and cons for each kind – not to mention a variety of examples for when to use them.

Pictures from CONVERGE 2023 in Nashville

On the final day of Converge, non-ProShip and ProShip attendees were able to take a closer look at ProShip’s industry-leading multi-carrier shipping software. Business Development Representative, Rob Murphy, and Justin Cramer provided a summary of the industry problems that the ProShip solution solves as well as tips for better using your ProShip solution today. In addition, Eric Levine, Sales Executive for WorldLink and Clint Boaz, provided a similar detailed summary for the WorldLink solution. The next session was one of the most engaging sessions of the event, a look back at peak 2022 and ahead to prepping for peak shipping season 2023. The look at 2022 featured data touching on carrier rates, returns, and sustainability and the look ahead broke down the 6 major sections of the peak season preparation calendar (hint: this resource is available for download now!) and how to use this as a guideline for planning your own strategies and staying organized. The ProShip track closed with an open Q&A with the ProShip and WorldLink Executive Team including Bill Schroeder, Justin Cramer, Vicky Pare, and Yulia Popokh, President at Varsity Logistics & WorldLink.

With access to exhibits from partners and other FOG Software Group companies daily, attendees had ample opportunity to connect with leading technology and delivery partners to enhance their supply chain programs.

Special thanks to all the ProShip customers and partners that not only attended but sponsored this educational and exciting event. Thanks for joining us in Nashville to CONVERGE and kick our boots up. Want to learn about more opportunities to talk with the ProShip team in person? Check out our Upcoming Events!