The new add-on app will give additional control of LTL carriers and services to ProShip customers

ProShip is thrilled to announce the official release of their new LTL Config App to ProShip customers. For more than 20 years, companies around the world have trusted ProShip’s time-tested supply chain technology and advanced functionality to simplify their complex parcel shipping challenges, and ProShip is now expanding their value offering to better cater to enterprise shippers with Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) delivery needs. ProShip recognizes that as e-commerce evolves and delivery expectations expand, the need to better manage both your parcel and LTL shipping programs together exists. The LTL Config App is an add-on to the ProShip multi-carrier shipping software solution that allows ProShip customers to manage their LTL carrier services from a simple browser-based app without the help of IT resources or numerous hours of ProShip Professional Services work.

Benefits of ProShip’s LTL Config App

Within the LTL Config App, customers can gain access to features specific to their LTL program including LTL premise carriers, services, rates, accessorial fees, tracking numbers and more (view the LTL Config brochure to learn more). Because the app is browser-based and comprised of a user-friendly interface, logistics teams can easily manage the configuration internally, without the need to spend budget on a third-party vendor or use valuable IT hours.

[NEW] ProShip Add-On: LTL Config App

In addition, the LTL Config App enables high-speed rate shopping with your LTL carriers. For those not familiar, rate shopping is the process of comparing shipping costs across multiple carriers, services and modes to find the best possible delivery date and pricing, meeting delivery commitments while positively impacting your transportation spend.

When negotiations come up or as contracts may change, it is easy to update rates and load them into the LTL Config App to instantly access them and avoid any outdated information and possible related fees.

Additional LTL Config App Options with Help from ProShip

If your team is bogged down with supply chain and logistics issues, the ProShip Services staff can also access your LTL Config Application. With a team familiar with the procedures and processes associated with the app, your updates and any changes can be performed accurately and in a timely manner, avoiding extra professional services fees.

“ProShip is excited to introduce this time-saving LTL rate management tool alongside our industry-leading LTL/TL module. The LTL Config App demonstrates our promise to provide innovative parcel and LTL/LT options that can meet the changing delivery landscape. This ProShip add-on connects our technologically advanced shipping platform to the relevant LTL carrier information that shippers need in a simple browser-based app, easily managed by your internal supply chain team or ProShip’s expert team of Services staff.”

Jeff Lukaszewski, Director of Research & Development at ProShip

Upgrade Your ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Solution with the LTL Config App

In response to the needs of our customers, ProShip has introduced the LTL Config App. With a supply chain solution that can allow for carrier, service, and mode diversification with a mix of parcel and LTL delivery options, ProShip’s solution can serve shippers with fast and cost-effective shipping for their needs now and whatever the future brings.

To gain access to the LTL Config App within your environment, ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist.

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