Learn more about ProShip’s Platinum FedEx Compatible Status

This year’s FedEx Compatibility Status announcement looks a little different because honesty, the parcel shipping landscape looks a little different.

About FedEx Compatible Solution Status

One of ProShip’s many achievements over the past several years has been named as the only multi-carrier shipping software to earn FedEx Compatible Diamond Solution status every year since the program began. Evaluation criteria for the award are based on:

  • Customer compliance
  • Year-over-year growth in FedEx volume
  • Revenues and customer installations
  • Percentage of customer renewals on the newest software versions
  • Maintaining annual software certifications

ProShip’s Carrier Diversification Efforts

ProShip has continued its effort to provide exceptional FedEx service, and our philosophy on building unique shipping carrier profiles and promoting carrier diversification has been no secret. Many who are currently utilizing single-carrier strategies, or national carriers only, are grappling with a variety of pain points (think late deliveries, lack of delivery options, and high shipping costs), not to mention the risk of failing their customers.

ProShip has taken a strong stance that carrier diversification is a benefit to nearly every brand shipping thousands, if not tens of thousands of packages (or more!). The key is finding the right mix of carriers which match your distinct shipping profile. The ideal balance or mix of carriers involves a thorough understanding of what it will take to keep your discount (minimum spend) and how much you can ship (maximum volume threshold).

The Technology That Makes Carrier Diversification Possible

A brand that utilizes a carrier diversification strategy will only have the flexibility to easily switch between carriers as needed if they are utilizing a multi-carrier shipping software solution. This shipping solution utilizes advanced functionality control mechanisms, like rate shop groups and business rules, to automate and simplify timely decision-making processes within your supply chain. In today’s shipping environment of inflation and rising costs, a flexible strategy that allows brands to quickly find the most cost-effective rates that still meet delivery expectations is easily one of the most compelling arguments for embracing carrier diversification.

With customer delivery expectations evolving, the Customer Experience (CX) has never been more important. A diversified carrier strategy will offer you a variety of carriers and services to meet the needs of customers now and what customers will want in the future.

ProShip Puts Customers First

While we may miss the opportunity to call out 10 consecutive years of FedEx Diamond status, ProShip will always be prouder of keeping the best interests of our customers at heart and doing our part in recommending the best carrier mix for their shipping environment.

Our resume of happy customers, strong carrier relationships (a vast and growing library!) and strategic partnerships, are the legacy that ProShip truly values and leads in an ever-changing supply chain ecosystem. Top brands choose ProShip (over 30% of the NRF Top 100 who ship parcel) because of our commitment to the 4 pillars of shipping success: Speed, Compliance, Support, and Flexibility.

If putting customers first means one less glass trophy in our boardroom, ProShip can make that sacrifice. ProShip prides itself on our ability to stay carrier-agnostic in a market that revolves around money [Reseller Parcel Shipping Rates]. After all, if your shipping software vendor isn’t looking out for your best interest, are you their partner or just their project?

Want to learn more about carrier diversification and ProShip multi-carrier shipping software?

ProShip excels at carrier diversification, allowing our customers to save money on every shipment, avoid carrier capacity constraints and meet (or exceed) customer delivery promises. Schedule a discovery call with one of our shipping experts to learn how ProShip multi-carrier shipping software can supercharge your parcel strategy in 2023 and beyond.