Hear from top shipping experts about carrier diversification at the FOG/ProShip User Conference.

While carrier diversification may seem like a pretty simple strategy to some, high-volume shippers know that it’s like walking a tight rope for balancing between the minimum spend required by carriers and the capacity thresholds that some of those same carriers have set.

Diversifying your Carrier Mix in a High-Capacity World

Capacity constraints are a familiar problem to all those who went through the 2020 peak season – and it’s a problem that will be here throughout the upcoming year. In this informative session, experts will provide key strategies for those looking to manage capacity constraints for this year as well as years to come. With a look at the context for the cause and effect of current capacity constraints, these parcel shipping professionals share a comprehensive and broad take on the current shipping ecosystem and how certain strategies will fair in this landscape.

Be prepared for not only a closer look at carriers (national, regional and same-day) and how to include them in your small parcel shipping processes, but a formula for matching carriers to inventory sources. Our speakers will tackle concerns about ship-from-store fulfillment, as well as control mechanisms, such as rate shop groups and business rules to simplify timely decision-making processes into automated procedures within your supply chain. [Single-Carrier Parcel Shipping Strategies are Dead. Here’s Why]


Mark Taylor is the Director of Parcel Consulting at enVista. With over 20 years of Parcel Industry experience, he works with clients to guide them through contract analysis and negotiation processes. With a background that includes operations, transportation network engineering, new service development, and parcel spend management, he brings a unique perspective to managing parcel programs. His tenure at enVista completes 3 major perspectives in parcel analysis: as a carrier, shipper, and now as a 3rd party consultant. Some of the customers he has worked with include Vera Bradley, Tire Rack, Abercrombie & Fitch, LVMH, Tory Burch, AmerisourceBergen, Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, and many others.

Prior to joining enVista, Taylor was a senior transportation analyst with Lowe’s. He was also at FedEx for a decade including project management and operations engineering roles. Mark has his Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt certification. He has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Justin Cramer is Co-Founder of ProShip, where he has deployed, designed or consulted on over 300 customer solutions within 4 continents and has designed shipping solutions executing more than 1.1 million labels a day. Justin has been on the IT side of shipping since 2001.

Shawn Ashenberg is part of the ProShip Customer Success team, where he works with existing ProShip customers to answer questions about their solutions and enhance their overall customer experience. Prior to joining ProShip, Shawn has held various IT roles including Project Manager and Business Analyst. Shawn currently resides in Pewaukee, Wisconsin with his wife and two children.

Converge 2021

ProShip is excited to join customers and partners alike at Converge, our first-ever user conference Orlando, Florida. Taking place September 19th through the 22nd, the event will include a variety of ProShip-led speaking sessions and opportunities for connecting with partners over 4 days.

Attendees have the chance to hear content from a variety of sources, including other FOG Software companies and their customers. There will be opportunities to network with other supply chain and logistics professionals, and informational and inspiring content from over 200 individual sessions. The FOG Software group boasts an impressive portfolio of supply chain and logistics companies that offer value to anyone in the industry.

Learn More

With a full schedule of relevant supply chain topics, ProShip shipping experts have a number of opportunities to gain insight into strategies for success. Take a look to learn more about the ProShip-led sessions as well as the full Converge agenda. We will be sharing a review of the other ProShip sessions in the coming weeks. Don’t delay – there is still a few days to book your room and join us at Converge, visit https://bit.ly/converge2021-proship to learn more.

You can get more information from this video or reach out to our team to get involved. See you at Converge!