Learn more about omnichannel fulfillment at Converge User Conference.

In-person events are back and after this past year’s disruption of the pandemic, people are thinking about events differently. With most being much more conscientious about how their time is spent, people want to invest in opportunities that bring real value as both an individual, and as a business.

About the Converge 2021 User Conference

ProShip is excited to welcome customers to Converge, a user conference unlike any other that can offer true insight and vision for attendees. This event will take place in Orlando, Florida on September 19th through September 22nd, 2021. The agenda is content-packed with informational, inspiring, and thought-provoking sessions combined with networking opportunities, programs from partners, and access to industry professionals that offer immense value to Converge attendees. Attendees will have access to other ProShip users as well as the customers of FOG Software’s other portfolio companies. With an impressive ecosystem of supply chain and logistics technologies and a strong commitment to the ProShip product, an event from FOG Software Group cannot be missed.

Converge Session Preview: Trending: How to Achieve Omnichannel Fulfillment Success

ProShip shipping experts have no problem staying informed on trending topics in the supply chain industry as our team is often perceived as the thought leaders in the market. To keep customers and users up-to-date, ProShip is sharing a closer look at the basics of omnichannel fulfillment and how your Enterprise Software Stack (ESS) can make those fulfilment decisions easier and more automated. This session will explore the omnichannel fulfillment process from strategy and design to execution. 

Led by Justin Cramer, the Co-Founder of ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software, this session will zero in on smarter parcel shipping – and how that means utilizing all inventory origins. Justin has unmatched experience and breadth of insight into the supply chain industry as he has deployed, designed, or consulted on over 300 customer solutions within 4 continents. He has designed shipping solutions which execute more than 1.1 million labels a day and been on the IT side of shipping since 2001.

Learn More About Converge

To find out more about ProShip sessions, check out the agenda. In the coming weeks, ProShip will share highlights for some of our other sessions. To join ProShip and other executives at this impactful and informational event, visit https://bit.ly/converge2021-proship.

If you have more questions, you can view our recent informational video or connect with our team today to get your company registered. See you at Converge!