Explore peak season strategies with the ProShip shipping experts at Converge.

2020’s peak season brought unusual challenges for shippers. While most experts are predicting high shipping costs again for 2021, the key will be looking at what 2020 taught us and how to apply that knowledge to 2021 and beyond.

About the Converge 2021 User Conference

In an effort to help customers prepare for successful strategies for any shipping season, peak included, ProShip is excited to announce its participation in Converge, our first-ever user conference on September 19th through the 22nd. Taking place in Orlando, Florida, the event will feature 4 days of expert-led speaking sessions and networking opportunities.

Attendees will be inundated with inspiring and insightful content from a variety of sources including other FOG Software companies and their customers. You can expect information and educational sessions as well as programs from partners and access to other supply chain and logistics professionals. FOG Software group boasts an impressive portfolio of supply chain and logistics technologies that will create an industry event that can’t be missed.

Converge Session Preview: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Peak Parcel Shipping 2021

ProShip shipping experts took notice of the obstacles that nearly every shipper ran into in 2020. With unseen capacity and unheard-of peak surcharges, a solid peak strategy with well-researched tactics from experienced professionals is necessary to survive the upcoming peak season. In this session, our speakers will outline proven methods for increased B2B and B2C parcel shipping wins. Topics will include carrier diversification, carrier volume balancing, enterprise technology stack integrations, flexible business rules (algorithmic vs. Prescriptive), and post-peak preparation, as well as the timeline for starting these initiatives.

With a legacy of parcel shipping knowledge, this session will be spearheaded by Justin Cramer, the Co-Founder of ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software. With a resume of deploying, designing, or consulting on over 300 customer solutions within 4 continents, Justin is well-versed in the peak season planning process. He has the technical knowledge for designing a thorough and customized shipping solution, providing software which executes more than 1.1 million labels a day. He has been on the IT side of shipping since 2001.

Justin will be joined by Tony Verrill, the Director of Enterprise Sales at ProShip. Tony has 10 years of experience in multi-carrier shipping across solution sales and partnerships, with direct involvement in providing comprehensive supply chain success. Tony enables today’s top retailers, manufacturers and third-party logistics providers to streamline their omnichannel fulfillment strategies.

More Converge to Come

With over 15 individual sessions, the shipping experts at ProShip are well-versed in supply chain strategies for success. To learn more about these ProShip sessions, take a look at the Converge agenda. Watch for a peak into each of these sessions in the coming weeks on the blog. There is still time to join ProShip at Converge, visit https://bit.ly/converge2021-proship to learn more.

Watch our recent informational video or contact the experts at ProShip to get your company involved. We can’t wait to see you at Converge!