Listen in for tips on stepping up your peak season preparation and learn more about GLS

We are less than 6 months away from peak season, a busy time filled with anticipation for both consumers and businesses alike. For shippers, however, the annual peak season is a period that can be lucrative yet challenging, especially if shippers are under prepared. As the influx of orders streams in and customer expectations heighten, it is crucial for businesses to be well-equipped to manage the surge in demand. Failing to adequately do so can lead to several consequences including delivery delays, inventory shortages, customer complaints, lost sales, and more. However, these negative implications are completely avoidable if shipping companies take the right steps to prepare with enough time before peak season commences, and our shipping experts have all the tips and tricks for doing so.

About this ParcelCast episode

In this ParcelCast episode, ProShip’s own, Jerri Dixon and Rob Murphy, are joined by two guests from GLS, Steven Bergan and Jennifer Reano. The four experts discuss the current parcel shipping landscape and what companies should be focusing on to prepare for a successful peak season.

The episode begins with an overview of the current state of the parcel shipping environment and what businesses can expect this peak season. Although we are in a period of economic uncertainty, it is certain that e-commerce will continue to boom, and competition will increase from last year. The conversation transitions into how shippers must adapt their carrier strategy to not only uphold capacity, but also fit the unique needs of their customers. GLS is a great example of a carrier who meets unique needs, as their services offer things like later pickup times, a wider overnight delivery footprint, and low damage ratios. In addition to adapting carrier strategies, the four dive into some characteristics carriers must have for success during peak season. As the episode winds down, our experts share their thoughts on how the top shippers win. 

Tune in to find out these experts’ top 3 tips for how shippers win!

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