ProShip is adding a new carrier for shippers to utilize this peak season – DPD Germany

ProShip is excited to welcome DPD Germany to its carrier partner library. As the leader in certified and compliant shipping services, ProShip has an ongoing commitment to carrier relationships and supporting customers with a broad spectrum of carrier options.

DPD prides itself on innovative leadership in the parcel industry, utilizing its vast digital resources to provide an optimal shipping experience. They offer impressive flexibility and visibility in transportation intelligence in parcel shipping, with over 400 million parcels delivered.

DPD Germany is part of the international DPDgroup. Regarded as one of the top providers in the European parcels market, DPDgroup combines innovative technologies with a high level of local expertise, enabling a flexible and convenient service for shippers. With a workforce of 77,000 delivery experts and more than 47,000 local pickup locations, DPDgroup ships 5.3 million parcels a day in over 230 countries.

“With an explosion of e-commerce over the last year, shippers need to be prepared with an agile and adaptable shipping strategy,” notes Jeff Lukaszewski, Director of Research & Development at ProShip. “With an array of carriers available, ProShip is committed to supporting customers with compliant and responsible carriers. When shippers diversify their carrier mix, they prepare for battle with an arsenal of flexible carrier options, promoting a more positive customer experience as a result.” [Learn more about Top Carrier Concerns]

With a shipping software platform built in-house, ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping solution leverages the fastest carrier engines on the market. ProShip is continually updating our shipping carrier library and services to support customers with whatever carrier options they may need now or in the future. 

ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist to get the DPD Germany carrier module added to their ProShip environment.