Mark your calendars and join ProShip, industry leading multi-carrier shipping software, at Körber Elevate in San Diego

Calling all supply chain professionals! Are you looking for ways to streamline your shipping operations, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge? Join ProShip at Elevate 2024, an annual supply chain conference held by ProShip’s partner, Körber Supply Chain. The conference takes place this year in San Diego, California, April 21st- 24th, at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Throughout these exciting four days, attendees can expect ample opportunities to network with industry peers and experts, observe informative sessions on various topics, explore innovative supply chain vendors, and more.

Attendees can expect to join a variety of insightful sessions and discussions. Round table discussions, customer success stories, and “ask the experts” all provide unique opportunities to gain unbiased guidance and learn more about the supply chain technology driving innovation. There will be over 60 thought-provoking educational sessions on topics including optimizing the customer experience, utilizing AI, automated warehouses, and more. There will also be 16 deep-dive product training sessions to explore how businesses can get the most from their Körber solutions.

Don’t Miss Out! Attend our session, From Hundreds to Millions: Navigating the Multi-Carrier Maze with Real-World Expertise, led by Justin Cramer, co-founder of ProShip. Gain practical strategies to overcome multi-carrier shipping challenges and achieve efficiency, just like the hundreds of businesses ProShip has helped.

Session title: From Hundreds to Millions: Navigating the Multi-Carrier Maze with Real-World Expertise

Session Description: Join Justin Cramer, Co-Founder of ProShip, on a journey through the ever-evolving world of multi-carrier shipping. With his experience designing and consulting for hundreds of enterprise shippers, Justin has tackled diverse challenges and mastered the complexities of this dynamic landscape. Learn from his real-world insights as he unveils practical strategies for overcoming obstacles, adapting to unique needs, and achieving multi-carrier shipping excellence. Witness firsthand how hundreds of solutions have translated into billions of labels shipped efficiently and effectively. This session will not only leave you inspired by the possibilities of multi-carrier shipping, but also equipped with actionable knowledge to navigate the maze and optimize your own shipping operations.

Elevate will provide unparalleled networking opportunities with industry peers, leaders and innovators, offering invaluable insights to help drive your organization’s future success. Explore top vendors on the show floor to discover how they can help revolutionize your business. Make sure to visit ProShip in the exhibitor showroom at booth #25 where we’ll showcase our industry-leading multi-carrier shipping software.

Our team of shipping experts look forward to showing how our flexible and reliable solution empowers enterprise brands to conquer complex parcel shipping challenges effortlessly. [See full agenda.]

ProShip is a proud partner of Körber Supply chain, leveraging our collective expertise and technologies to deliver exceptional solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of Körber’s products enables us to provide informed recommendations that align with the unique business goals of today’s top brands. The combined power of the ProShip and Körber Supply Chain partnership enables businesses to excel towards long-term success. Dive deeper into this successful partnership through the following collaborative assets:

ProShip & MyShipINFO: Transportation Business Intelligence

Explore the [ProShip & MyShipINFO: Transportation Business Intelligence Brochure] for a firsthand look at how Körber’s top-tier transportation BI product, myShipINFO, seamlessly integrates with ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping software, providing unmatched end-to-end visibility in real-time. This exceptional combination aims to reduce your transportation costs, reduce transit times, and eliminate internal processes that don’t hold value to your organization.

Discover the insights from our webinar [Advanced Logistics Masterclass: From Rate Planning to Parcel Execution], where industry experts from ProShip and Körber discuss strategies to elevate your parcel rate shopping experience. The experts share valuable knowledge on navigating the complexities of the changing carrier landscape, optimizing transportation costs, and meeting customer expectations.

Advanced Logistics Masterclass: From Rate Planning to Parcel Execution
[ProShip ParcelCast] Episode 32: Data-Driven Deliveries: Business Intelligence in Shipping Software

Listen in to our podcast episode [Data-Driven Delivieries: Business Intelligence in Shipping Software], featuring insights from industry veterans from both ProShip and Körber as they share invaluable knowledge on how business intelligence technology revolutionizes the shipping industry, empowering organizations to enhance their operational efficiency. Discover firsthand how this dynamic duo’s integration of ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping software and Korber’s top-tier transportation BI product, myShipINFO, provides unparalleled end-to-end visibility in real-time.

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