ProShip’s President, Bill Schroeder, joined the 16th annual Dangerous Good Symposium in a live panel discussion.

Over the past several years, the industry has seen a shift in the way that dangerous goods and hazardous material compliance is supported by a company. Previously, supply chain individuals had viewed this part of their business as only a cost center. Now, with the addition of full-service providers for hazardous materials like Labelmaster, there is access to visibility into the true competitive value of improved hazmat compliance.

To take this conversation all the way to the top, ProShip’s President, Bill Schroeder, recently participated in a panel discussion targeting C-Suite executives and tailoring the supply chain dangerous good conversation for them. Bill was joined by corporate executives from BDO, Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc., and CHEMTREC to highlight the benefits to investing in dangerous goods compliance initiatives for the supply chain.

What the C-Suite Needs to Know About Dangerous Goods Supply Chain Management

Event description: For over the past five years, one of the biggest challenges among global DG pros is the lack of awareness within their Organization’s leadership related to the importance of safe and compliant DG management. According to the 2021 DG Global Confidence Outlook, only thirty-eight percent of DG pros strongly agree that their company’s senior leaders are aware of DG supply chain challenges. In other words, DG supply chain efforts are not getting enough attention from decision makers resulting in less than adequate resources.

In this panel discussion, C-suite executives will discuss how DG pros may be able to change the conversation to better re-frame the role of DG supply chain efforts – migrating it from a cost center to a revenue center capable of significant business growth and market share gain.

Watch the DG Symposium Recording

Access to the event is available to all members of the DG Exchange community, a FREE online community for supply chain and industry professionals to navigate the dangerous good landscape. The community features events and training sessions, informative and educational content, and networking opportunities. Once a member of the DG Exchange community, you are granted access to the on-demand recording as well as the chance to still connect with panelists for questions or further discussions.

Labelmaster and ProShip

The key for both supply chain professionals and C-Suite executives is to have solid insight and comprehension for the process of a hazardous material shipment. With this in mind, shipping dangerous goods is not only easier, but your team can save the business time and money. For a closer look at how Labelmaster and ProShip work together to simplify and streamline this process, view the Hazmat Process Model diagram.

To learn more about maintaining compliance within your dangerous goods program, contact the ProShip team today!

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